Naval Fortress: Redsand

Part oil rig, part fort—the iconic Maunsell towers were an ingenious way to protect Britain during World War 2! Learn more about the history of this battling British base!

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29 thoughts on “Naval Fortress: Redsand

  1. It's common knowledge by now that the RAF bombed Berlin numerous times prior to Germany actually targeting London…..And by many times i mean civilian targets whereas the Luftwaffe had specific orders to engage only military targets……Unsurprisingly not many people actually care about these facts…….Not much to do with this video i know but the fact that it took them up to 43' to actually build these things shows that they didn't have reason to do it earlier…..

  2. InklingGirl67 says:

    There was a rumour that they might be converted into a ocean hotel

  3. John gwapo says:

    Fort Drum in the 🇵🇭 was also an impenetrable fortress built by americans situated at the mouth of manila bay during ww2 they call it the concrete battleship,

  4. Hope WG will also make a documentary about Corregidor island and Fort Drum.

  5. Arrano Zuria says:

    But this has nothing to with naval warfare they where constructed for anti-aircraft role.

  6. John Toner says:

    You guys should do one on Fort Adam's in Newport Rhode Island

  7. The CGI was good to add the guns when the guy was explaining them on the towers

  8. Huh… I thought I heard a rumour about them being turned into hotels at one stage. Guess that fell through.

  9. Rex fromMN says:

    The United States needed a complex of these Maunsel forts at Pearl Harbor in the 1930's. Wargames with naval carrier aircraft had been constructed in the 1930's. Forts like these could have also been built in outposts at military bases such as at Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian islands, Midway island, Panama and at American naval or air bases in Australia. Why didn't the United States build a Chain Home radar system like the British RAF to protect vital West Coast cities with command information centers to scramble fighter planes? The British were ahead of America in the cpmmon sense department. All of these suggestions would have been a moderate cost item compared to getting caught by a sneak enemy attack. Japan did sneak surprise attacks in the 1904-05 Russo-war. Of course they would never do such a thing again and no military science professor or officer could have thought of such things. No one saying you can predict the future but doing prudent things to make yourself a harder target make sense in a hostile unknowable world.

  10. Timothy Boles says:

    Pity they're in such a bad state, usually the British are keen to preserve such things

  11. LiberalsAreGarbage says:

    Just sittin out there, slowly bein eaten up by the salt water and salt air….what a shame ….

  12. C439672-D says:

    This should be a game mode in wows. U fast capture the central point which is this. It then activates in your teams defence within a small area.

  13. Real life Mgsv base!! Amazing history that is easy and practical

  14. Ron Shirley III says:

    Someone should restore those and make it some kind of hotel or something

  15. andrea giudici says:

    Thanks world of warship for this amazing documentary!

  16. The Hurricane says:

    "Proved to be effective"

    Not. Really. Man yall limeys have some serious propaganda that rivals the nonsense our government feeds us. You also have lots of muppets who believe this crap. Sad.

  17. Live Life Freely says:

    All of that time, money, effort, and all those lives to protect the U.K. just to see the government give the people's country away to the Islamic invaders of the 21st century.

  18. Robert bishop says:

    Too bad they couldn't convert these into a sort of sea resort. Would be interesting.

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