My 7 most Underrated Videos

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This video is about my 7 most underrated videos, namely those videos, which I believe supplied fantastic information, yet just received lackluster views. I will discuss shortly each video, discuss why I think you ought to see it and show a short clip.

00:31– Why the Mongols were so efficient:
02:04– The Japanese Tank Arm:
03:10– What Makes a Sniper:
04:26– Why Lend Lease is so complicated:
05:52– Alternate History: An Early Afrika Korps:
08:22– Road to Stalingrad:
09:06– Economic Warfare? PewDiePie vs. WSJ:

This video is about my 7 most underrated videos, specifically those videos, which I believe offered terrific information, yet just received dull views. I will mention quickly each video, explain why I believe you need to enjoy it and reveal a brief clip. Now, if you desire you can likewise publish your picks in the remark area. Note the video should have less than 200 000 views.

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