MV-22 FAST ROPE “Fight the Rotor Wash”

6 thoughts on “MV-22 FAST ROPE “Fight the Rotor Wash”

  1. FMOA FMOA says:

    All about VMM-263 proving it could be done.

  2. Phillip C. says:

    God bless our service man! Thank you!

  3. Queen Elizabeth III says:

    I prefer doggy position too

  4. 2MarDiv PacNorWes MoT RepDep says:

    That looks like a TON of fun and I would have thoroughly enjoyed fast poring that way. I was out before the Osprey was deployed to the Marines though. OOO-RAH 1st. MarDiv…..

  5. the west must do 10,000 times more to prevent all our intellectual property from going to china and russia. they use that to build their own weapons. technology. supercomputers. we must stop this asap otherwise they will use it to defeat and fight us.

  6. VideoDotGoogleDotCom says:

    Here in Sweden, it is mandatory to turn the engines off when the "militarypersons" exit the helicopter, to save fuel and protect the environment. However, I understand that in many countries the thought process is different. This seems to work for Sweden, though, as we never have to fight in any wars.

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