Multiple Danger Close A-10 Gun Runs Recorded In Afghanistan

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Members of the 1st Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment record as a section of A-10 Warthogs conduct multiple gun runs on a Taliban position near the village of Ashoque in Afghanistan.

Now that the conflict in Afghanistan has finally ceased on Afghan soil, troops are starting to dig out a lot of old footage and send it our way. This footage, which was recorded by Soldiers from the 1st Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment’s Bravo Company was nothing more than a simple presence patrol where JTACs were present with the troops. Because the JTACs were present, the Soldiers were able to effectively utilize a section of A-10 Warthogs to hammer the Taliban fighters who had attacked them during the patrol.

We have more footage from these guys that they have submitted as well, but we’re digging through it and talking with the guy who sent it in to make sure we share proper context with the videos submitted. All of the footage recorded by these guys through their tough deployment was recorded in the Zhari district of the Kandahar province, and a good chunk of it was recorded near or inside of the village of Ashoque.