Most graphic war footage – Remember These Faces (1945) Part 1

Intense view of American soldiers in combat, produced to sell World War II bonds.
(Video uploaded for educational purposes.)

Audio/Visual: Sound, Color
Keywords: World War II: Homefront; World War II: Europe
Creative Commons license: Public Domain

49 thoughts on “Most graphic war footage – Remember These Faces (1945) Part 1

  1. Baked Potato says:

    × if you've fought in any kind of war… ×
    ☆} You are respected. You are brave. You are respectful. You are passionate. You are amazing. {☆
    ♡} We appreciate your service for our country/countries {♡

  2. Giovanni el mini me Rivera says:

    Why is this vid oh oh now I see why

  3. Sour Cream says:

    It's painful to think that these men may have died for an unreachable dream, only to be able to find it after leaving this hell of a war.

  4. Hector ST says:

    Hard to believe this imposibly stupid propaganda oozing cum so sweet and childlike in tone continues to prove itself true with today's good boys all goopy and shiny with jonh wayne's cock juice coming out of their ears.

  5. X IS The BEST says:

    I respect papa ww2

  6. How did I get here I was just Zuckles but now I'm here

  7. 5:02 The difference between a whole man, and three quarters of one. I say these are 100% whole men. Every last one. Especially the ones that lost limbs and life. All in all they are 100% heroes

  8. Ashton Butler says:

    My grandfather fought in Vietnam as a body retrieving specialist.

  9. Aquata Kalimari says:

    Think of all the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan having to deal with all of this RIGHT NOW!

  10. MrThirstysuperior says:

    Only the dead see the end of war.

  11. Knewt Knight says:

    Trump hates veterans. Remember John McCain!!

  12. sylvia Rice says:

    Grandpa Cameron Lee rice was a decorated war hero o.s.s and grandpa Alvin Ray rice is a decorated war hero retired command sergeant major

  13. *Cameraman in the middle of firefight
    Cameraman: "Lemme film this!"

  14. Brian Doyle says:

    2.04 what is that weapon it is rapid…..

  15. WW3 will destroyed the planet 😔

  16. I find it amazing any human could survive this

  17. Yo I keep on looking at this I just wanna go there and HELP

  18. Koopi Aceh says:

    Dear animal, this is human. Dont be one

  19. This is fake I’ve played battlefield 5 and I don’t see any black female German soldiers in this video this is far right propaganda

  20. Track_FRS2 says:

    most graphic footage?

  21. Reese Antee says:

    My PTSD be like…

  22. Fixingmyselftobebetterinthefuture says:

    A war will start just like this one in one day, and some people will die because of some stupid reasons.

  23. ii M x c h a ii says:

    My step brother fought in a war 12 years ago i think when he came back he had like anger problems

  24. Steve Pilkington says:

    If we still had to fight battles like this we would be fucked there are very few real men left the last of the real men we born in the 50's.

  25. Bukku Falking says:

    This was a war that had to be fought..All the people who fought and died are owed more than can ever be repayed..This generation of Americans fought a war to the death on two different continents..It must have seemed overwhelming and maybe even hopeless at times..They can never be repayed enough by us for their sacrifice.

  26. James Hamnett says:

    That's fought for germany

  27. James Hamnett says:

    My grand father daughter for germany.he killed 238 americans.hes a hero in Germany.

  28. adillaachmad_24 says:

    My granpa borns at 1945 and now hes 72 years old

  29. CJ Productions says:

    So sad. I am researching war for a d day movie i am making and oh my, i feel so sad after watching this. War is terrible, it needs to end.

  30. Eco Revive says:

    The greatest of generations.

  31. Kiddomay Princess Cherry Icecream May Eve says:

    Stupid likes ..word should peaces no war please

  32. Just imagine if this footage was hd quality like one of today’s cameras.

  33. Albert Mag says:

    Back when fighting a war was done when you could see the enemy,
    and not just the spray and pray method of warfare ..and laser guided missiles….

  34. David Stanic says:

    Every nation should have a law in their government that if they move their army into conflict that they should join the battle on the front line, their choice where they want to go, but they should see first hand what war is about. I bet then we wouldn't have wars. It's always the poor uneducated from small towns in all nation's which have to pay for their lives and their minds.

  35. This is why UFO'S leave us the fuck alone.

  36. The war was brutally but I respect all the soldiers who fought for us and risked their lives for us to be free may god be with them who risked their life

  37. Sanja Makarov says:

    Next world war is the end of this world

  38. forestsoceansmusic says:

    Only when there is real communism (NOT Stalinism nor "National-Socialism"), when there are no more rich or poor (not even Party bosses) will there be no more war. War is just the open outbreak of the continual hostilities between the ruling rich minorities, using their wage-slaves as cannon fodder.
    Does anyone have an idea of the total number of maimed (permanently-disabled) people as a result of World War II ?

  39. KENNETH KLUGE says:

    Thank you to All the brave men and woman who fought in this war

  40. The war to end all wars my ass… what a waste of human lives

  41. Debra Sparks says:

    My dad became physically, and mentally disabled on Omaha beach…D-Day.

  42. bazz mc fury says:

    Blimey the calm narrative, the pastel colors, the flickering film real, the orchestra playing almost soothing music with the hint of drama, it sounds like an old Tarzan movie, I've never seen such calm betrayal of the true horror. The screaming, the smell of death, arterial blood and human waist. Young men desperate not to die from dismemberment burns and blood loss, it makes it look almost like it was a enjoyable place to be, except when you see there eyes, young guys looking older than there years, some with utter loathing in there eyes, looking at the camera as of to say, "why would you ever want to take pictures of this hell". You only get a small hint of the nightmare, when you see the guy being loaded onto the launch, and he's trying to reassure his badly wounded friend "youll be alright" and some folk complain there aren't enough blood and guts in this, you'd never handle it! Cowards, what's the bravest thing you have ever done?

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