Minuteman III ICBM Launch at Vandenberg AFB (5/14/2018)

An unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile launches throughout an operational take a look at at 1:23 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time Monday, Might 14th, 2018, at Vandenberg Air Pressure Base, CA.

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23 thoughts on “Minuteman III ICBM Launch at Vandenberg AFB (5/14/2018)

  1. the tyrant67 says:

    Wow, it's a good thing the US currently has a responsible president who won't use weapons like these on a whim… oh wait.

  2. Lt Col Tanner says:

    Vandenberg Air Force Base is the only place you want to see a Minuteman missile being launched from. Nuclear weapons should only be used in the most dire situations.

  3. Pyrus Rex says:

    Judging b the plume, that didn't take long to get out of the atmosphere. That missile just f*cks off. People always look at our Minutemen as simple simon missiles, but no Russian hypergolic can get out of the atmosphere that quickly. Speaks volumes to the initial thrust to weight ratio of solids. That thing would already be coasting towards Moscow before the Sarmat even finished burning the 2nd stage. F*ck the Bulava, the Trident II is superior in every way. I guess the Pinkos threw a shit fit about the Peacekeeper when we had those, they were absolute monsters.

  4. arthur ben ephraim says:

    CHECK FIRE, SIR.  RIPPER RED LEG.  SAR RTO Geronimo551 111th SQDRN 390th SMW.  'Nam.

  5. Derek Wall says:

    it's only a matter of time before mutually assured destruction isn't going to stop whomever from launching a nuclear strike against the US. sooner or later someone is just going to say fuck it and start shooting

  6. F/A 18 Super Hornet Pilot Cessna 152 pilot. says:

    Item 145, I will take two double whoppers with cheese 🧀

  7. Deva Rana says:

    New tests of mid range nuclear missiles was prohibited under recently destroyed INF treaty. U.S withdrew from treaty on 5 Feb 2019 and this test was conducted in late 2018 , it's clearly violation of the treaty. The question is WHY then U.S accuse Russia violating the treaty?

  8. This missile (single warhead 475 kilotons) is a baby compared to the LGM-118A. (Up to TEN 475 kilotons warhead packed into a single missle") But it's a monster compared to the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima (20 kilotons) The destructive power of these modern nuclear weapons is hard to even imagine

  9. Christopher Akerley says:

    A moment of silence for Earth, Thor and his, big heart's …the land will suffer and innocent creatures that live there, the wooded owl, the goat, the wolf all kept his alive

  10. Oh wow…next question from potential enemies please…

  11. BackWords Recordings, An Independent Culture Production House says:

    Deterrence assumes that a totality of military risks are calculated by the Adversary. One can either introduce variables that cannot be calculated or variables that, when calculated, are too great to militarily engage in responsibly, or variables that are known to invariably result in catastrophic losses. The safest deterrent is the one that ensures a certainty of catastrophic loss upon specific provocations. The assumption that a totality of military risk will be the overarching determinant of an Adversary's attack plan, though, does not always hold firm, hence the risks which we must factor into strategics. An example is when the Adversary's primary political, ideological, or religious goal involves catastrophic traumas to entire civilizations.

  12. Bryan McHugh says:

    What could possibly go wrong? These are STILL the MX Missile! What about the guidance system satellites? There are a LOT of them. They are artificially intelligent. Where the HELL did they go?! The Minuteman III is just the SUPER MX Missile! All of those Space Shuttle missions hiked up nothing but MORE of the MX missile system! NASA is and always has been the space arm of the United States Military.

    GIGATON SCALE!! The United States Military has been capable of fielding gigaton scale warheads for 15 years now! Those MX Missile System guidance satellites are packed full of super conducting gold alloy. They are nuclear powered themselves. Where the HELL did they GO?!

    What did we hike up in the 1980's that were totally obvious sections of something much bigger than the ISS? The Space Shuttle was also designed to be capable of being launched from a SEA BASED platform. Just as many secret Shuttle missions went up as went up publicly. Maybe even more.

    "Missile Experimental" my rear end!

  13. John Dela Cruise says:

    Aim one at George fucking W Bush house!

  14. The Russian ICBM Satan 2 makes that look like a little bottle rocket

  15. It's really funny that we don't want anybody else test firing missiles yet we do it what a bunch of hypocritical assholes we are for doing stuff like this

  16. gary butler says:

    Scary times we live in……

  17. Староваты технологии , ну что поделать …

  18. CumminsDslPwr says:

    I can just hear Slim Pickens yelling "Ridem Cowboy" over the roar of the rocket engine.

  19. Damien MB says:

    Pyongyang condemns the latest North American missile test, the Minuteman III is capable of hitting Guam in case the US territory decides to secede.

  20. The Truth Hurts says:

    Power perceived by a potential enemy is power achieved over a potential enemy.

  21. Luis Casillas says:

    I was wondering what that was last night

  22. Most Hated says:

    Can that kill you?

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