Minesweeper Helmet Cam Firefight With Taliban

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Kandahar, Afghanistan – From the team: “This was a patrol with the new ANA unit, so we were taking them around the area so they could get familiar with it. When we came into what was known to be the safest village in the area the Taliban ambushed us, trying to strike fear into the new guys. Little did they know we would push up into the village and take them head on. I mine hounded up to the furthest known point of their positions and even pushed100 meters out and then back in to try and sneak up on their position. The whole thing was about 5 hours long so batteries ran out in our cameras. We ended up getting 2 confirmed enemy KIA and none of our guys got hurt. We came out of the village and called it a day.”

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This footage is part of an ongoing documentary of the war in Afghanistan through raw combat footage.

Read more about the war here – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_in_Afghanistan

35 thoughts on “Minesweeper Helmet Cam Firefight With Taliban

  1. Nash Ramos says:

    Wow this new Squad Graphics is really great, I wonder what rigs they use to play this game..

  2. NinjaPunch says:

    A whole lot of fuckery going on here. Why is the gunner also carrying a mine sweeper?

  3. NinjaPunch says:

    Squad/team leader telling gunnrr what to do without having eyes on 😂. Leadership from the rear.

  4. NinjaPunch says:

    Fucking hate the way the army fights. Traverse what? Bet you ain't even hitting his POS just making noise to scare them off. They'll just blow you up later.

  5. TRENTSAVAGE 45 says:

    its looks like to me they were shooting at a small patch of woods with absolutely no aim, so i would have just thrown a grenade, but still i see no enemy so maybe they see something i dont?

  6. r_ elentless01 says:

    The balls you gotta have to attempt to attack a foreign military, where the budget is so big that if you got every dollar they spent, and lined them up lengthwise, it would span your whole country several times.

  7. Gerard Voughn Faust says:

    The guy with a cam, his gun doesn't do automatic? I noticed he always in a single shot

  8. You guys are the true hero’s, god bless you all and the us military for keeping our home safe!

  9. Captain Awesome says:

    God bless the American War Fighter 💜🇺🇸💪🏽 that shot by the sniper was sooo close.

  10. Richard Odu says:

    If you really think about it, it's really sad…these are men killing each other

  11. Thanks for the good footage. What is the tan coloured attachment on top of the rifle barrel for?

  12. neffets kivøh says:

    this channel is amazing to watch first person kicking enemys ass and cool rifles

  13. FS 2004 Custom Photo Scenery says:

    1.2 million views, I was the FO for this plation. LOL Cleaver is the one wearing the helmet cam.

  14. Meanwhile the president's are having a glass of wine and getting bjs in the oval office

  15. Worauf schießen die ??? Selten so ein sinnloses Verhalten gesehen……

  16. HunterofMan says:

    Around the 2:06 mark kind of makes me cringe when he starts shooting over his own guys. I've seen a few similar situations where a guy stands up and accidentally runs into the other guys rounds. Glad that didn't happen at that point.

  17. Nasty Recon says:

    You mean to tell me you had all those dick heads standing behind the wall? Get their weapons in the fight, end it sooner and dont allow these guys to get a learning curve. Your soldiers should have laid waste to that whole area, the guy on cam should have been relaying info.

  18. Michael098 says:

    This is some psycho shit that I'm bout to say cause I am and that is this job looks fun af lmaoooo

  19. Rowdy Zek says:

    Is it wrong that I think if that village got cleaned up some and had some modern amenities, it would be kinda rad?

  20. 地球環境 says:


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