Military war Yemen army in combat footage with rebals Houthi

Heavy fighting war in Yemen between the national army and Houthi
The scenes show a group of heroes national Yemen army while attacking one of the military positions of the Houthi and clashed with them a face from the distance from zero and were able to eliminate the members of

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علاو الشوكيallaw alshawky

21 thoughts on “Military war Yemen army in combat footage with rebals Houthi

  1. binyamen saba says:

    Yes, that's my people.

  2. ✠CuttySobz✠ says:

    Fighting to the death for a mound of rocks lol..

  3. Fit Potato says:

    Respect to that dude carried his injured/dead homie at the end when he was getting shot at.

  4. Pangean Bordelo says:

    I'm glad most of the mountains and hills around me have trees…

  5. hishamdeans says:

    Nice.. may Allah save yaman from houthi shia laknatullah!!

  6. magd saleh says:

    Guys you know most of these people like 70 percent are just regular people not soldiers

  7. leo macus says:

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  8. 6:56 the Arab Rambo. he cleared out a mountain stronghold by him self, and how he sprayed the down to hell. with his AK

  9. Emilio Cid says:

    Army saudi = Army of playstation

  10. Lol that's saudia Arabia vs houthis

  11. Alejandro Arditti Wolfovicz says:

    Nice neighbors of israel.

  12. 5000 word essay is so uninviting to read… Throwing rocks is roughly 5000 years out of date for warfare. No clue what's going down. Props to the bloke with his mate on his back doing a runner! The injured one's got the next round of beers at the local!

  13. Elzone Magar says:

    Which ever the side, cant ignore the bravery of this man!

  14. craig shaw says:

    Him carrying his comrade was brave asf

  15. craig shaw says:

    Guy tho wing br,Ickes at them lol

  16. Mosraf Raaz says:

    Stop killeng saudi arbia in yamen

  17. Chandan Rana says:

    The religion of peace….PISLAM

  18. Elias Ziad says:

    Isn’t the green Houthis and the red Al Qaeda….

  19. Man Huỳnh says:


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