Messerschmitt Me 262 "Schwalbe" – First Flight Over Berlin after 61 Years, Historical Footage!

Messerschmitt Me 262 “Schwalbe” – First Flight Over Berlin after 61 Years at the ILA Berlin Airshow 2006. Flown by EADS Chief Test Pilot Wolfgang Schirdewahn.

23 thoughts on “Messerschmitt Me 262 "Schwalbe" – First Flight Over Berlin after 61 Years, Historical Footage!

  2. Draxindustries1 says:

    Me 262,best looking airplane of ww2 and very much fastest. Germany put this into production earlier they win the war.
    Greetj g from Russia.. ❤️

  3. This thing was in development from beginning of the war but it was kinda side hustle because they wanted to develop it after total victory which as we know never happened. Hitler wanted bombers and was pissed when Messerschmitt told him it's jet. Imagine if Hitler wasn't such a megaloman obsessed with bombing of USA. It this was priority it would be much more developed and could potentially change outcome of the war. Luckily it never did.

  4. Anthrazite says:

    It kinda looks like a shark, beautiful but also absolutely evil

  5. Paulo Barros says:

    P51 acabaram com essa porcaria de jato que acabava o combustível rapidinho

  6. That plane doesn't have those junkers jumo engines still on it right?

  7. Such a beautiful aircraft

  8. Иван Хохлов says:

    Хорошая машина и это 1944год

  9. Uwe der geschmeidige says:

    Pilot sees a P-51

    Also the Pilot: "cowabunga it is"

  10. turntimetable says:

    And they only swept the wings to deal with a weight balance issue or something. Woops! That turned out to be a really big dealio

  11. lock'n load says:

    Imagine hearing that for the first time after only hearing propeller aircraft.

  12. Ralf Peters says:

    Die Geheimwaffe der Wehrmacht

  13. Ted Striker says:

    From the sounds it makes, it seems they put in some modern fanjet engines. So much better than the first 262 reproductions that used CJ-610s. Which were terrible fuel hogs. 400gph per side. Those new engines are probably around 75gph. Maybe less. Although the loud jet noise the old engines made was nice to hear. Pure turbojets

  14. Jon Mason says:

    Germany was so advanced its amazing

  15. Victor Contreras says:

    Wonderful plane! Though I'm Mexican, I am very proud to have a German aunt through marriage. This jet is just one example of their brilliant minds. What impressed me is that it's not so damn noisy even on takeoff!

  16. Colonel Indiana Longnuts says:

    a red bull boeing???

  17. imagine construction and building under WW II conditions when they were short on everything….nowadays they cannot even order enough vaccine 🙂

  18. Jan Zdunek says:

    Incredible how such horror as war can provide human race with such development

  19. Blue Star says:

    GÖRING hatte Stolz darauf!

  20. Константин Зуе says:

    Сила. !!! Уважаю немцев за умение делать качественную и передовую технику !!!!!

  21. Андрей Науменко says:

    Хорошая машина!

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