Meeting of American Generals (May 15, 1945)

Summary: .:Location Unknown: 05/15/1945: CU, horse given to Gen Omar N Bradley by Russian Gen Kanier. Follow shots and HCUs, CUs, US generals leave building and pose for group picture on lawn of Hq bldg. Included in the group are: Lt Gen William H Simpson, Lt Gen George S Patton, Jr, Lt Gen Carl Spaatz, Gen Dwight D Eisenhower, Gen 0mar N Bradley, Gen Courtney H Hodges, Maj Gen Hoyt S Vandenberg, Lt Gen Walter B Smith, Gen O P Weyland, Gen Richard Nugent. Three general officers whd appear in group cannot be identified. Intimate shots, Gens Simpson and Patton examining the horse; Gens Eisenhower and Bradley doing the same. Short scene, cameramen in action.
Local Identifier: 111-ADC-9771