Marines Search & Destroy Vietnam War

Like This Movie Trailer? Go to to purchase the entire 55-minute video, or to see movie trailers of over 700 other military videos. This DVD ocuments Marine Corps search and destroy missions during the Vietnam War. Please note! portions of this video are very graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.. The video contains both narrated and silent film footage. The silent portions include a music soundtrack and Armed Forces Radio Broadcasts produced during the war. The video includes excellent footage of Marines assaulting by helicopter, moving through the jungle, entering and searching small villages, interrogating suspected Viet Cong, uncovering weapons caches, and much more. Video also includes a short Marine Corps training film produced during the war titled “Village Search Techniques.”

7 thoughts on “Marines Search & Destroy Vietnam War

  1. Kevan Huneycutt says:

    I just wanted to thank the Marines who saved my grandfather on Oct 2nd 1965 he was deployed to the makong Delta when he got separated from his LRRP unit that is now under the 75th ranger battalion he was surrounded and came under heavy fire when you guys found him and you risked your lives just to save him you guys are true heroes

  2. militaryvideocom says:

    We have a video that includes footage from Operation Buffalo. Please call 1-800-277-1977.

  3. John Knox says:

    The .gov blacks out any and all operations they deem as confidential. Youre probably not goint to find it on youtube man.

  4. ApfelGanja says:

    What is the song called?

  5. @silvereagle2061 Was your Dad in 1st of the 9th. They were known as the walking dead due to the high casualties they recieved. Anyway, google "operation buffalo" and then check "videos" you'll come across videos put out by "critical point". They have a dozen or more videos of 'Buffalo'. Best of luck.

  6. comtedemeighan says:

    Wasn't Net and Spear used as well near the beginning?

  7. Robert Dambeck says:

    I'm still looking for any footage of "OPERATION BUFFALO" (1967, July) Looking for my father who was KIA during that time.

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