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‘Why are you thanking me? I didn’t do anything. I didn’t help anyone. I just perpetuated a system of senseless violence.’ — Marine vet Miles Lagoze is releasing real war footage to show Americans the war through his own eyes.
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Miles Lagoze enlisted in the Marines as a combat cameraman. He says the Marines and US military let just about anyone in and go to the war in Afghanistan. Lagoze was tasked with producing U.S. military propaganda to be distributed to Afghans, but he kept the camera rolling to capture the reality of daily life at war. Lagoze then compiled the controversial footage into a war in Afghanistan documentary called Combat Obscura. Lagoze calls out Fox News and the media for glorifying war and sanctifying the military. Lagoze felt a lack of direction with the war in Afghanistan known as Operation Enduring Freedom. He recalls there being drugs everywhere (opium, hashish, weed).

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39 thoughts on “Marine Vet Exposes Controversial Footage of War Through His Own Eyes | Opinions | NowThis

  1. Joshua Rios says:

    Whaiits kovac anyways thoose Marines are booting they're laces here

  2. ozzy thekidd says:

    I’ll be there with my problem solvers 🕵️‍♀️🕵️🕵️‍♂️

  3. Spybat007 says:

    Okay when he says “anyone was getting let in” that’s a false claim. The drug wavers he refers to are for pot, anyone in the military will tell you how hard meps is on you for psychological impairments and lastly it’s almost a guarantee for you to be turned away with a bad enough criminal record especially with the Marine Corps

  4. bamnibaum says:

    U.S. " Do you, on your Father's Soul PROMISE not to attack the Afghan Puppet Government if we pull out of your country for ever and cease this conflict." Taliban " YEAH! Only if your Country will supply us with GUNS, Bullets, and Bombs for 10 years, and pay us 100 Billion Dollars a year for 7 of those ten years increasing to 200 Billion on the 8th to the 10th Year! So we can get our Economy going." U.S., Why the GUNS BULLETS and BOMBS?" Taliban " You can't trust the Syrians." U.S. " Well we see no Problem in that, we'll even throw in a Dealership that sales Pickup Trucks For you. It's a deal. Let's sign the PEACE ACCORD!" Taliban " OK! May Allah Walk in your Front Door. ALLAH AKBAHR!"

  5. The fake news media will try to do anything to try to bash the USA. They should be sentenced to death for treason and being a propaganda arm for the enemy.

  6. Like, 50.000 Peoples Killed While Bush Don`t get EVEN A Ticket For That !

  7. This is THE Only soldier i WOULD LOVE To Tell – Thank You For Your Service

  8. the REAL Reason soldiers are there to get the drugs for the BIG BOYS and the led in the drugs in USA

  9. And This Is What Ive Been Telling All The Years, They Are Just Killers In Othger Countries, They KILL Small Children And Everybody, Kill Families There, IMAGINE if some soldiers came in your house and killed ALL Your family, how would you feel? whell, thats what Americans do in Afganistan now

  10. M44DL Mustang 5.0 says:

    This isn't for them we were kids heavily armed kids we did best we could and yeah acted like kids sometimes but you missed the part about what we did for each other regardless of the overall mission this isn't for public consumption keep it that way we still did great things I never believed in the mission were not politicians but I did know that me and my brothers did some good and I saw kids do truly heroic acts and that's honorable in my mind anyhow in the end dont put just the bad out there without any of the good we did too these civis dont need to see this it's not for them

  11. Trollmaster1991 says:

    I will never fight for this country what’s the point

  12. M Sidek Von Sonne Trading says:

    Elected party need to give contract to arms vendor. Does it matter if US wins or lose, the most important things, the people in government and vendor are making money.

  13. Random Smartphone Videos says:

    Wrong. Just videos of an undisciplined team. Does not represent the majority of Marines

  14. Tyler Evans says:

    At the end of the day there out there doing what nobody else can

  15. Ethan Joseph says:

    What the f. Yall are fighting to stop terrorist from killing us.

  16. Kinda weird when you see this and then see that Afghanis support the US in Afghanistan

  17. Anthony swofford said he had the same experience on hes book, Jarhead.

  18. Sajid Raza Khan says:

    Can anyone tell me what is this background music score? please

  19. Escape Reality says:

    And yet many Americans will still say "I stand with Israel and America" and call this soldier a traitor..i swear this country is one of the most corrupt in the world.. Unfortunately Venezuela is next in this country's radar

  20. Grant Price says:

    It’s hearty boys like me and you who are singing up to kill.

    Not the old fat politicians sitting on Capitol Hill.

  21. mercedes gomez says:

    I can not thank this man enough
    Hope he has taken precautions & is not persecuted & jailed

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