Marine Corps Camp Reasoner, 1st & 3rd Recon, Hill 510, Da Nang Bridge & HQ 3rd MAF In Vietnam War

Like This Movie Trailer? Go to to purchase the entire 45-minute video, or to see movie trailers of over 700 other military videos. This DVD’s scenes of Camp Reasoner includes the front gate, barracks, Wynn Hall, Battalion HQ, Post Office, infirmary, and much more. The video also documents units of the 1st Marines on Hill 510 located 24 miles southwest of Da Nang. Film footage also includes excellent scenes taken at three locations near Hill 510: Landing Zone Baldy, Fire Support Base Ryder and Landing Zone Ross. The video also documents Marines guarding the Da Nang Bridge, activities at III MAF Headquarters in Da Nang, and scenes shot at Communications Company, Battalion HQ near Da Nang.