MARAWI BATTLE part 2 – ACTUAL FIGHT FOOTAGE with Philippine Scout Rangers | 9ja LondonBoy REACTION

MARAWI BATTLE part 2 – ACTUAL FIGHT FOOTAGE with Philippine Scout Rangers | 9ja LondonBoy REACTION
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26 thoughts on “MARAWI BATTLE part 2 – ACTUAL FIGHT FOOTAGE with Philippine Scout Rangers | 9ja LondonBoy REACTION

  1. Joseph Occeno says:

    5:08 "It's game over .. and the Lord say you made it back home .. " 😲😬

  2. Ace Veloso says:

    Funny how you re-in act the enemy shooting the Phil Army 😅

  3. jellybean0%2 jellybean042 says:

    ISIS has no place in the Philippines. They believe they can propagete ISIS in the Philippines?😆Now they burn in hell!😆 Philippines is not the place for ISIS!

  4. Florenz Ryan Sotelo says:

    The Philippine Military actually got footage from the cameras and cellphones left by the militants when they were fleeing from their stronghold.

  5. Rad Dulay says:

    the video from the ISIS mobile phone was gathered mostly from dead enemy while the soldiers video was on the secondary line or security perimeter to block the enemy escape route, the advance team special forces video was classified and not for public, I was born in Mindanao and was just 6 years old at the height of 1972 MNLF rebellion

  6. Mark Mendoza says:

    Nice reaction. 😅😂 natawa ako sa pag demo niya sa 4:13 about sa puro lang purma mga isis "my pa video.o2 pa at nagkalat ng video noon, akala seguro nila matatakot mga AFP "saan na sila ngayun ayun ang daming nagbuhis ng buhay dahil nagpauto sa mga leader nila.🤣😂 NPA nasunod. Magpapalakas pa seguro ulit yung isis at maghahanap ng panibagong miyembro na magbubuhis ng buhay. Dahil wala na silang kwenta dito sa pilipinas dahil sa pag FARMING NG AFP AIR FORCD AT NAVY na madami ng 😅😂

  7. Joaash Alcaidde says:

    those explosions are just babies compared to the drone strikes done by US in Iraq and Afganistan…I just cant believe this happened the Philippines has National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (CIA counter part ) and they didn't even have intel on the planning of this siege…there should be no siege if there is a proper intel gathering…so NICA🤯😤🤬 what happened..???

  8. Joaash Alcaidde says:

    there is a type of bullet a 50 cal round that can pierce armored vihicles and tanks…that 50 cal armor piercing bullet work like when the bullet hits the target it explodes the impact of the bullet from sending to the target and the explosion will really pierce the armored vihicle…to put in to context the size of that bullet is that the length is when you open wide you palm from the tip of your tumb until the tip of your pinky the girth size is when you put your two fingers over each other that is the dimension of the bullet that hits the tank…so when that bullets hit the center mass o a human, even having bullet proof best it will split the body not just into two..there are some parts the will look like hamberger patty…

  9. Crispin Obina says:

    I am a Filipino. I like the phrase you said " theres no respown"😂. Like FPS games

  10. Mhel Badlis says:

    The black suit is a terrorist and the comoflauge is our army

  11. Jobert De Ramos says:

    That's really happen hundred of philippinos are died

  12. Jeff Beez says:

    Courage is all what they got, no proper training like the army that's why they shoot like that

  13. jose buatis 111 says:

    actualy that s a hit from rocket propelled grade. or RPG..

  14. Unfortunately, even America and Caanada itself sometimes before HINDER sales even armalite and bell choppers! Even as Allies. Good thing RUSSIA, CHINA immediately helps. And ISRAEL. US just helped in later part as they themselves had planned to kick out President Duterte because of his not dependent on US ALONE. that cause our military one of weakess in Asia they hold us for 70years grip.

  15. The insurgent Islamic fighters had foreign fighters from INDONESIA 🇮🇩 and they had stocks of it and bullets and used METH while in battleground that's why they shoot indiscriminately and NO FEAR. Even NO SLEEP at all as soldiers testified. Had Evidences found after battle.

  16. Aizon Cabiling says:

    The tank was hit by rpg.. 3 of them killed inside the armored

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