M61 20mm vs GAU-8 30mm Cannon (A-10 THUNDERBOLT II Main Gun)

M61 20mm and GAU-8 30mm Gatling cannon test fire.


44 thoughts on “M61 20mm vs GAU-8 30mm Cannon (A-10 THUNDERBOLT II Main Gun)

  1. Edwin Dude says:

    I used to love tasking the A10’s in Afghanistan. We’d listen to the Taliban crying with fear down the iComm.

  2. It's cool but that sound is very unsatisfying.

  3. 73kenright says:

    THAT'S the sound I need on my alarm clock!!

  4. Colonial Marine says:


  5. Building to live says:

    Everyone thinks they a baddest person on the battle field till a A10 goes off.

  6. Doctor Death 5 says:

    America by GOD America

  7. ObsessionPC says:

    Tell me that the military gets those rounds for a lot less than $136 collars per piece! Then again, if they need money, they just print more….so what does it matter 😀

  8. Reinhart Gehlen says:

    I feel a knock under the desk 🙂

  9. henry nenjamin says:

    This a great home defense weapon against criminals breaking into your home

  10. Twoleggedkumulava says:

    The GAU-8 in the A-10 was and still is my favorite sound ever! CAS life saving mofos right there!!
    I wonder if those were depleted uranium rounds they hit the HMMWV with.

  11. FireStorm 72 says:

    Damn those things can group!

  12. noodlefoo says:

    Like FPSrussia says that Hummer is having a very bad day.

  13. kieran himself says:

    Thats what freedom sounds like

  14. nocalsteve says:


  15. PSA: "Protestors in the Portland area, nightly strafing begins in…sorry, completed."

  16. Pathan Razi says:

    Modi ji ye wali lao india me
    Tab jake maza aayega

  17. Randy Marsh says:

    A-10 WARTHOG be like

  18. OxiClean Gets the Tough Stains Out says:

    The A-10 is still the most chad air force asset.

  19. wolvolad25 says:

    Always sounds like loud unashamed fart

  20. Susan Dickerson says:

    The airplane goes around farting destruction

  21. insert brrrrt comment here

  22. ykdickybill says:

    90% of the rounds missed , just kicked up the dirt !
    Didn’t look like it could hit it when it was moving…….overrated imho

  23. WARPIG 645 says:

    I can only imagine it firing tracer rounds

  24. Rejin Ranjan says:

    A 10 ike human gas


  26. Parryit Chansamone says:


  27. old rabidus says:

    AKA 9mm vs 45acp

  28. Deoxir Blunderbuss says:

    What ever it is they're using to catch the bullets down that indoor range, I need it, even if it means I need to submerge my house in 30ft of dirt

  29. 田中ケネディ says:


  30. descent815 says:

    Excuse me ill burrrrrrrrrrrrrt right back! The best gun sounds ever.

  31. PhillyCh3zSt3ak says:

    Do you hear that? Brrts of freedom.

  32. Anders Thorson says:

    Absolutely love the A-10. Infantrymans' best friend.

  33. One of the dangerous farts

  34. You hear the BRRRRRRRRT

    You survived

  35. İdris Kürşat Ateşci says:

    Happy brrrrt day

  36. İdris Kürşat Ateşci says:

    Not f35 not f22, A10 is the best plane of usa.

  37. madman191 says:

    you I should make this my ringtone, people would think my phone is on vibrate though

  38. Antonio Teran says:

    Read dont want to shine by antonio cancino teran buy 3rd

  39. Jordanfg Fox says:

    Well thare goes my taxes but hay it was satisfying 😊

  40. Rumor has it, that one can buy a GAU-8 for self defense in Texas…

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