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22 thoughts on “M249 SAW GUNNER FIREFIGHT | FUNKER530

  1. Creative Tradesman says:

    Wasting ammo or not, nothing like the cadence of a m249. He had that thing running like a sewing machine.

  2. Dan Banks says:

    At the current rate that was about a zillon dollars worth of ammo

  3. Those walls……they ALL give me the creeps. Bad guy could lob a grenade over at any time.

  4. CHUFF#311 says:

    The question here is, where is Roger. All if because of him.

    They killed someone
    – Roger

    Out of ammo
    – Roger

    I'm hungry
    – Roger

  5. Richard Messenger says:

    Count up….paste up….move back to 200…😋😋😋

  6. supersmashbrosevil says:

    An airsofter who takes the game too seriously: You should only shoot small bursts because that's how mgs are used in real life
    Real life 4:40

  7. TheAllKnowingWizard says:

    Im sorry, but I know for a fact that mr. 4:41 did that to loose weight. No question about it.

  8. Free Will says:

    NCO says they have weapons. You cover fire. That sustained burst was pretty well executed.

  9. McCellen lol says:

    I love Funker530. Government sanctioned LARPing at is best!

  10. MrJihadkoplo says:

    nice way to destroy a barrell, in the middle battlefield, next time he should just carry bromstick, he dont deserve that MG

  11. TheMorganMonroeShow says:

    Let’s count Canada out for a little while. Canada is embracing the great reset. Which is there embracing the New World order.

  12. Joey Marcum says:

    Everyone arguing over the saw and I’m just repeatedly rewinding to watch the mag dump over and over. #murica
    Thank you for your sacrifices and services 🇺🇸

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