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A Marine platoon is ambushed while on patrol. The M240B gunner provides suppressing fire which allows his team to move.
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49 thoughts on “M240B HELMET CAM AMBUSH

  1. Hoang Mai says:

    Ước gì được đi cung quan doi hoa kỳ chiến đâu cung nhau

  2. EasyAzPiE says:

    3:09 a bullet hits the grass right in front of his tripod on the left-DEVIN Whittley; ummm no, it's a poltergeist
    DEVIN Whittley

  3. Donavan Walsh says:

    This cod gameplay sucked, he didn’t try to do a 360 no-scope.

    But in all seriousness, i would crap my pants if i was put in any situation like this.

  4. Truth Matters says:

    Did just what they should have. Well trained. "bravo" lol. Good burst's.

  5. James Izumi says:

    Именно такие видео я и искал, это шедевры!

  6. Todd Glover says:

    Repetitious rounds,that's what you need to do to keep you and your barrel cool.

  7. pasikonik77 says:

    Can you see them? Can you see anything?- No. Let shoot all the ammo then. American soldiers ha ha..

  8. Hudi Huds says:

    it's not M4A4.. that weapon is in games, only. like CS
    what is it? it's M4A1, called a Mark 18 CQBR

  9. To anyone wondering why they are just generally shooting at eu enemy’s direction it’s because when they do that the enemy has to keep their head down and/or be less accurate when they shoot back. The point of a machine gun is not to have pinpoint accuracy while that would be nice it’s just so while the machine guns shoots the other squad members and put on kill shots with their m4’s

  10. silent Jay says:

    He's just hitting dirt laying down shooting before he moves to the hill. No?

  11. Gord Slater says:

    i wanna grab a couple of helmetfuls of water from the canal to the left of him to keep the dust down

  12. They need some tiny little killer drones to launch that go find the weasels and blast them with small hand sized missile ……. like a mortar but it launches a drone that is armed by infrared to find the weasel ………….

  13. philosopher fish says:

    it seems that in every video related to war, it seems that they shoot in the wind, because I didn't see anything

  14. Drs. R. Watzmann says:

    An Apache would come in handy..
    Clear it out. Job done.

  15. Daniel Dinklberg says:

    You know this guy is a gear head, sideways handle for climb control says it all😂 honestly might make carrying it alil easier, who knows 🤷🏻‍♂️ I just like his style.

  16. Dziecko_Minecraft says:

    War is inevitable. The more technology moves forward, the farther away the opponents are

  17. Almost no one in this comment section has ever been in a firefight

  18. David Red says:

    I wish I had a GoPro when I was in Iraq. But then I think the insane amount of editing that would need to take place to delete the countless hours of walking doing nothing with 20 second firefights sprinkled in.

  19. Raider Richard says:

    You can watch a thousand combat clips and never ONCE! see the enemy.

  20. TheCarter_Show says:

    You know how strong you gotta be to fire that big bitch standing up? Balls of steel lol

  21. Blake Moreno says:

    Short controlled bursts. Good. Last thing you’d want is overheating the big girl

  22. That's when you need one of those portable flying cameras to hover over the Taliban heads.

  23. Nicholas Michael says:

    Surprised all he had was iron sights. I get that he isn't trying to hold a 3in pattern at 500yds, but considering how far the average engagement is you would think that an ACOG would be helpful to at least get him in the general direction

  24. I’m telling you those machine gunners need to square bottle so they can wet the dirt down in front of them before the fire.

  25. Nerdy Devil Dog says:

    people: how comw we never saw the bad guya in the video?

    ME: Bruh… its cause a medium machine gun is sending 7.62×51 rounds down range! they keeping their heads down.

    purpose of machine gun is to keep enemy suppressed and scared to get up to return fire so that rifleman and close in on the enemy

  26. Clorox Bleach says:

    Bro you had a 25 kill streak why didn’t you just call a nuke

  27. ElectricMudPuppy says:

    This is why I love the military:
    empties entire belt
    "See anything?"
    I love it

  28. james whiteman says:

    I have never seen a decent army vid with enemy in the screen of view never not once ?.

  29. The M240 is a great weapon. Crazy that the action of the weapon is pretty much an upside down version of the WW2's Browning Automatic Rifle(BAR).
    The Army uses the M240 Bravo, while the Marines however, always having to be different, use the M240 Golf. Same platform but with less features.
    These weapons serve a vital role. They allow the user to burn through ammo, to keep the enemy pinned down, which allows the rest of the squad to maneuver to the flanks. Or pending the situation, allows troops to pull back or even evacuate the wounded. These Gunner's are not shooting to kill. They're just suppressing the enemy. But if they happen to kill one or a few in the process, then it's an even better day.

  30. Will Richards says:

    Good call on getting out of the dirt to reduce the dust being kicked up.

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