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Firefight with Taliban in Afghanistan caught on a helmet cam.
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3/7 Kilo Company 1st Marine Division Weapons Platoon

This footage is to be taken as a documentary on the events of the war in Afghanistan and should be viewed as educational. This footage is not meant to glorify war or violence.


  1. lemonade gaming says:

    Im sorry I would feel like a badass mowing ppl down like that

  2. Paul Clarke says:

    Whatever happened to the device that was being developed that was fitted on Hummvees n such that could detect direction & distance of where incoming shots were being fired from??? Looked like 6 little pronged device?????

  3. Justin Reaves says:

    Id shoot over my crop too! But I'm not a popshot type of guy, I'm a one hitter quitter

  4. Bad Donkey says:

    I'm gettin high AF just watchin this, damn that's alot of bug

  5. Keegan Pederson says:

    Nice that he offered them water that’s kind and heart warming.

  6. Truth Matters says:

    My man is a beast! Love it! Kinda reminds me of…. me.

  7. Bad Donkey says:

    In all seriousness that terrain at the end there was its own smoke screen

  8. Bill Yost says:

    Damn, don't walk or run… look at that marine made dust bowl. That was epic.

  9. paris kwstntidis says:

    Note to self: never walk inside an Afghan weed plantation.

  10. Moist Wall says:

    Can anyone tell me how these machine gunners carry ammo? Do they carry cans, multiple belts or whatever seems convenient for long distance travel.

  11. markymark416 says:

    Those beautiful plants ohh dear lord those ladies are the real hostages lmao

  12. Michael Flores says:

    Sgt: Soldier!! Light em up!!!
    Soldier: Fires the machine gun. . .ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Sgt: No! Not that idiot!! What i meant to say was light the weed up.

    I bet the taliban's high all the time.

  13. Ian Wilson says:

    They should light all that weed on fire and they will relax

  14. Canyun Hicks says:

    I mean what did theye expect messing with people's bud. Fucking dick holes.

  15. Nik Weiss says:

    “They’re not detainees don’t treat them like” that. “They’re punk bitches” 😂😂

  16. Dapper Dill says:

    “Sir I suggest we burn the crop fields, then we go get some taco bell.”

  17. Larry Harrison says:

    It's crazy how all these comments have to do with the weed and not the safety of the troops or how good it is to see our troops safe.

  18. The Canucklehead says:

    "Oh jeez i accidentally loaded incendiary rounds and shot the weed oh god its burning now ah jeez "

  19. Robert Neal says:

    In the Colosseum. no political shit, no Dems, no Reps, no Trump, no Bullshit… death is so final

  20. Stringy-bark creek says:

    At least u could still get high in Afghanistan while on patrol

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