Luftwaffe Gun Camera: B-17 Attacked

A great gun camera dogfight footage with slow motion. A Bf-110 shots up a B-17 Flying Fortress on a long tracer burst. A FW-190 shots a P-51 Mustang.

35 thoughts on “Luftwaffe Gun Camera: B-17 Attacked

  1. That was some shooting! Pick off the tail gunner, then the engines, one by one!

  2. Върбан Буков Дъбов says:

    No "goods"and" bads", just animals

  3. Martin Jacek says:

    Thank you Youtube for recommending this video after more than 13 years and super brutal quality 144p.

  4. Little do the people saying "wow it took so many shots" the people in the rear compartment in the fuselage probably died.

  5. Vidas Navickas says:

    wery nice, first kill machine gun operator after engine. liuftwafe pilot best of the best.

  6. Мягкий Ангел says:

    Ух ебать что у меня делает видео 2007 года в рекомендациях?

  7. Qibray Golospinkin says:

    МЕКА В КРОВИ молются алахху и убивают как так!!

  8. Jaime Kopstein says:

    I wish to send a salute to those galant lads wherever they migh be now that did the extreme sacrifice to keep our freedom for ourselves. That video is a disgrace, spitfires did the same to nazi bombers. That is a bloody nazi video.

  9. Crispy Sandwich says:

    I some how feel I was.a pilot in one of these planes in a past life . Just something about it when I see films like this. I must be losing my mind

  10. EmbeddedLlama 15 says:

    if this were war thunder the first shot landed to the tail would've ripped it off

  11. саха мухтуйа says:

    это не просто документальное кино, это чья то СМЕРТЬ

  12. Олег Петров says:

    Что то не видно чтобы с летающей крепостей ответка летела…

  13. Mike Clark says:

    Get rid of this stuff. Show it to past Nazi pilots. Most and I mean almost all Kraut Nazi murdering 40,000,000 civilians has no use to show their victory over the white hat guys trying to end these hun bastards fighting to the death for a maniac, murdering, humanity’s most evil person who ever lived in history. The pilots are pigs. Nazi pigs. They wore the swasticker on their uniforms. They put children into battle and there in no honor in any German who participated in any way against the people for right, justice and humanity. Germany and the German people in general should except the fact that all the pilots shooting down Americans in this video should be horrified at this video. There was never any honor in what the Kraut pilots did and if you want to question that I’ll happily show you. A bunch of thugs is all they were and thank God 99% were killed in action. Just like the U-boats. Total war is what your leader said. And you followed to having grandfathers and 12 year old children go into battle. The shame for all Germans to this day is tantamount to hell on earth.

  14. Germany East says:

    One to one with German superior ME 262 jet fighters, and all American Bomber Squadron would have flown to hell. And American industrial production would no longer have mattered.

  15. Gary Vallone says:

    For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son in that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

  16. frank rizzo says:

    My grandfather flew a B17 during the battle of Britain and shot down four ME262s making him an Ace!

  17. Marta aparecida Bolilho says:

    Fake mas valeu esforço, minha opinião os gunners do b17 não atiram nos caças que estão as 6 horas deles?

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