Luftwaffe Aerial Combat Footage • Ju-88 Me109 Me-110 Stuka

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German film showing Stukas, JU-88’s, ME-109’s, ME-110’s in aerial action. MS: Scenic view. CU: German fueling Stuka. German on wing of Stuka. German unloading box from truck. German carrying box. German EM pushing bomb on carriage. German EM bombing up Stuka. German pilot climbs into cockpit of Stuka. German EM hands camera to EM in rear cockpit of Stuka. LS: Stukas taking off. A: Stukas in formation. ACU: Stukas in formation. ADS: Bomb bursts. AMS: Stukas in dives. ADS: Bomb burst. ALS: Stukas in flight. Int: cockpit of Stuka. AMS: Stukas in flight. ADS: bomb urst. AMS: Stukas in flight. ADS: Bomb burst. AMS: Stuka in dive. ADS: Bomb bursts. CS: German Nazi sign. CU: German ME-109 takes off. ME-109 taxiing. MS: ME-109 taking off. ALS: JU-88’s in formation. ACU: JU-88 in flight. CS: German pilots at controls of JU-88. AMS: JU-88’s in formation. Int CS: German pilots at controls of JU-88. AMS: British Spitfire in flight. A: Aerial action. ALS: ME-109 in flight. Int: German pilot at controls. A: British Spitfire and ME-109 in aerial action. Spitfire hit and on fire. ME-109 in flight. ADS: Unidentified burning aircraft. AMS: JU-88 in flight. JU-88 in flight, bombs away. JU-88 in flight. A: Bombs away. AMS: ME-11O in flight. A: JU-88 in flight, bombs away. AUS: ME-110 in flight, bombs away. A: ME-110 in flight. ACU: Stuka in flight. CS: Cockpit of Stuka, ALS: Stukas in formation. ADS: Terrain. ACS: Bombs away. A: Terrain. ACS: Bombs away. A: Terrain. ACU: Stukas in flight. ADS: Bombed airfield. smoke from burning bldg. ALS: Stukas in formation. ACU: Stuka in flight. CS: Pilot (German) in cockpit of unidentified air craft. A: Terrain. ACS: Bombs away. AUS: Stukas in flight. A: Smoke. ADS: Terrain as seen from nose of unidentified plane. CS: Instrument panel of unidentified plane. German sign “Stabstaffel”. MS: German EM. CU: Two German EM carrying ammo belts. German EM loading ME-109. German pilot climbs into cockpit of plane. CS: same as the above eight items. CU: German pilot puts on helmet. CS: ME-109 parked. CS: Nose of ME-109. Tail of ME-109. CU: ME-109 taxiing. MS: ME-109 taking off. ALS: ME-109 in formation. ACU: ME-109 in formation. ME-109’s in flight. ADS: Unidentified ship underway.

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33 thoughts on “Luftwaffe Aerial Combat Footage • Ju-88 Me109 Me-110 Stuka

  1. アントニオバンデラス says:


  2. dirtbikes4days 08 says:

    My second favorite vehicle and/or war plane of all time, first being the bf 109. Beutiful peices of history and obviously Im a huge german fan of germany

  3. Vince Gedeon says:

    Stuka Horn of Jericho is one scary sound 🤘🥶🤘

  4. Jeremy Sitorus says:

    Sound of heaven is at 1:02. You're welcome.

  5. Карабулак Карабулак says:

    И за,что они погибали, не могу понять. Немцы имею ввиду.

  6. Schlumpfinchen Schlumpf says:

    Hm…. 🤔 Ju 88 Stuka not Me 110 Stuka. 😎

  7. Spähpanzer ru 251 says:

    where was the Bf 110?

  8. Juan Dulanto says:

    I see at great pilot Werner Molders 😲

  9. Thomas Suggin says:

    The tie fighters of earth

  10. Will Katching says:

    Yo dawg I heard you like sirens

  11. Ryan 8191 says:

    Great historical clips! I'm glad the films survived all this time.

  12. Дмитрий Рукшин says:

    Besser zeigen sie mir Himmel an OstDeutschland am Fru"hling des 1945…

  13. Mohd Jaber says:

    The Americans and the English are proud of their fighters in World War II, which was a bad against German fighters.


    toms scream I N T E N S I FIES

  15. Germany had the most powerful Aircraft, Warships, tanks and the most Ace during WW2 and still lost the war

  16. These men were so brave….on both sides.

  17. The fact that this Soldier had the time to film in all that chaos.

  18. MadGaming TV says:

    Y do the luftwaffe sound so menacing and intimidating?

  19. Aritra Das says:

    Great aerial bombing

  20. German Bomber says:

    Sigh The good old days.

  21. مصطفى العراقي says:

    Hatller belve💕😂😍

  22. Balistix Mapping says:

    Those footages need to get restored and enhanced into Smooth 4k Files.

  23. The _L3thal_ says:

    German had the best stuff

  24. Неспокойный Русский says:


  25. Hammmod Jabeer says:

    British fighter were an easy catch for German fighters.

  26. Kiên Nguyễn says:

    Seconds of silence for the camera men who never return.

  27. Kiên Nguyễn says:

    Germans don't need to prove that they are master race. They already are, as they fight against the world all the times and are still a strong country now.

  28. Сергей Иванов says:

    как хорошо Покрышкин вас хуярил!

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