Life on an aircraft carrier


39 thoughts on “Life on an aircraft carrier

  1. Forum 4everyone says:

    My dream is just to see it in real life

  2. محاكاة الجسر says:

    Why does this dude have carbon monoxide on his shirt

  3. Stephen Dailey says:

    Why are reporters so stupid? Do they think the the people watching this are stupid?

  4. Jamie Kelley says:

    Lots of standing in lines for the average blue jacket.

  5. Is the USPS station on ship run by civilian USPS employees also living on ship?

  6. Shuttle7x_X says:

    I would be the person working at the store 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Ursula Smith says:

    Some of those comments are embarrassing. The reporter is NOT on a ship. He is in a green screen studio withveither CGI or a screen behind him. The officer is explaining the sleeping arrangements. This is taped separate and cut together. 😡

  8. Why don't these teleprompter readers keep their opinions to themselves. Who cares what they say. TV news is today a disgrace.

  9. James McSherry says:

    When said never ending dust ? Tell me after the first few cleaning where does it come from

  10. Ian Brooke says:

    We really don't need exaggerations. A carrier has a "population" of roughly 3,000 people, a small city around 100,000, the carrier is closer to a large hamlet.

  11. Boondocking Adventures says:

    "up to 50 striker aircraft"? We had 97 on board when I was there, from '91 to '93.

  12. The ship is full of seaman! Sorry, lame joke, couldnt resist. Due to covid I have been indoors to long.

  13. Talking In The Dark says:

    I wish donald trump invite me to his aircraft carrier… My Christmas gift.

  14. Prince_ Kevion says:

    I wouldn’t be a fan of cleaning the ship

  15. This is why it's GOOD to be an Officer in the Navy. You may share your ROOM with 3 to 4 other officers depending on your rank and rating. But you'll never need to sleep in the bunks, (Coffins) as they refer to them. You want to serve on a ship. Become a Fleet Marine. Wait for one second That LT is a WSO. He's not a "Pilot" nor does he have training in flying an aircraft. He's a "Back seater."

  16. I love seeing the officer trying to explain the dirty enlisted birthing areas. And the officers have a carving station in their galley? Those spoiled cunts.

  17. Chris Beard says:


  18. Dj Roly G. says:

    ? Can is it a crime for female & men sailors have sexual relationship while on duty in a aircraft carrier. Just curious ? 🤔

  19. Billy Mule says:

    Made me remember a story I heard about a young sailor on his first deployment. Coming out of the shower he sees an old CPO bending over looking out a porthole saying that's amazing. The new sailor says what is it sir? The old CPO says bend over and look out this porthole just right and you can see a whale. So the young recruit bends over and looks out the porthole and after a moment in his Michael Jackson voice says hey, I don't see any WHALE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Gergely Deak says:

    "…one of the most feared weapons in the history of the world…" yeeeeeees

  21. Rodrigo González says:

    That lifestyle could be hard for an officer and a sailor but that would worth it for them to serve their country. I don't know why too many teenage civilians who have a more comfortable life cry or bitch just because a concert, a DJ fest or their next trip to Walt Disney World was canceled for the COVID-19 pandemic or are "offended" just because someone disliked their TikTok post.

  22. I want my country to have an aircraft carrier but there are 2 problems.

    1: we don’t have enough soldiers
    2: i don’t know if the baltic sea is big enough.

  23. Brian Schwartz says:

    "The sailors love it" holy shit

  24. Vikotnick says:

    Ok. cool. Sweden says no. US licenses the info, done.

  25. Ken Prier says:

    Bring back the F14!

  26. Musee' Dean says:

    The guy on the thumbnail look like ronaldo lol

  27. Selçuk Ataç says:

    The text on the screen is too small. We can still see some parts of the video. Wish you made it larger so that we can't see anything.

  28. Gabriel Marinescu says:

    1:44 sergeant" what do you see " sailor " more water"

  29. Lies and deceit. Sailors do not love being on the ship. Neither do the Marines.

  30. Emma デロリ Terlecky says:

    Why would they be fixing pipes? is the ship broken?

  31. The carrier is like heaven for homosexuals. You go boys!

  32. Brett Osowiecki says:

    would an aircraft carrier have oils on the launch platform if it rained?

  33. Euphoria Prewett says:

    Forged by the sea… more like kidnapped and abused by the sea

  34. Matt Gigiuere says:

    Thank all of you who do what you do to protect OUR FREEDOM! THANK YOU! 🇺🇸

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