Liberia – Battle For The Capital

(10 May 1996) T/I: 10:03:31
Liberia’s warring factions continued to battle for control of the
capital, Monrovia, on Wednesday (8/5), although a growing sense of
frustration appeared to be spreading among the fighters
themselves. “We don’t want to fight anymore. We are all one, we are all
Liberians,” an unarmed militiaman from Charles Taylor’s National
Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) said.
cu man with bullets
loading magazines
ws of men loading shells
man with rocket launcher
armed man crouches behind wall
vs of armed NFPL rebels
man with machette
gvs of NPFL soldiers heavily armed in monrovia streets
man waves white material above his head in street
NFPL move down street
men call out to each other gun fire is heard
men stand observing
further gun shot
man walks down street firing
gun battle insues
ws of men behind wall firing
vs of NFPL rebels firing down street
man running down street firing
NFPL men running and firing
gun battle
ws of graffiti saying ecomog on wall
decapitated body in street
man with helmut and binoculars looking for enemy
enemies head on table as trophy behind barracks
cu army tag on man with binoculars
ecomog apc driving down main street

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