LEGO WWII Navy Battle Japan America

João Gomes (einon on Flickr) talks about his LEGO World War II Japanese-American naval battle on display at Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend in Portugal.

Check out his Flickr page here:

His battle includes the USS Missouri and the USS Texas.

See more LEGO creations from the event:

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Intro animation by HJ Media Studios:

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33 thoughts on “LEGO WWII Navy Battle Japan America

  1. TheDeadlyMaurader The Deadly Warrior says:

    everyone is talking about the Yamato but the Missouri is so good lmao

  2. Erika Hornauer says:

    The Missouri's my favorite to but I like the Bismarck better

  3. Lime shark says:

    People in World War Two be like:hey it didn’t look like that

  4. Michael glazer De Mesa says:

    😎 WTF are you plane Japan to
    too no uss love to Japan 🗾🗾

  5. More Lions says:

    Its a pity that not more people love Lego as a hobby, as so much of today , many people have other things they like that I just don't see as productive. If I had the free time I'd be building Lego every day. Would be an ultimate dream job to work with Lego in some way. A superb hobby. For me Lego out does every other interest. Xbox and consoles are way lower on my list. It seems so much can be done on computers but I've been building Lego for so long it becomes a constant hobby. I feel like I could create Lego sets in my mind when I'm building.

  6. boi go to detroit says:

    That guy said the USS Enterprise now that's the USS Hornet cuz it has a metal top deck

  7. Anthony MacIntyre says:

    What's the name of that song at the very beginning of this video?

  8. qp ginger says:

    The Texas never engaged any Japanese ships it was only transferred to the Pacific to help with artillery support on Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Yet all these builds are very impressive none the less.

  9. Gabe Seyfried says:

    For those of you who are wondering, the ship at 3:55 is not the IJN Yamato, it is in fact, the IJN Nagato.

  10. ボレイルカ says:

    Could you give me the names of the Japenese ships apart from the IJN Yamato and Fuso please, but otherwise very good video

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