LEGO WWII Battle of Pearl Harbor – Brickworld Fort Wayne 2015

Joshua Hanlon speaks with Matthew Greene, the builder of a beautiful LEGO World War II Pearl Harbor display.

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38 thoughts on “LEGO WWII Battle of Pearl Harbor – Brickworld Fort Wayne 2015

  1. игровой канал олега says:

    I am Russian

  2. игровой канал олега says:

    Русс есть?

  3. Dwi Satriyawan says:



  5. Stephanie Candelaria says:

    Wheres the uss arizona

  6. job Ancheta says:

    He has good warship techniques

  7. Jacob Scibor (405JacScib) says:

    look I am the author of a book about Pearl Harbor and this is not correct

  8. 根橋佳世 says:


  9. Pakmac TacMac says:

    Why are the(supposed to be small planes)almost as big a the battle ships

  10. BradSmith992 says:

    This is my home town !!!

  11. moendz playz says:

    I can bild better than that

  12. Leann Stettler says:

    It wasn't a battle it was a attack

  13. Bradens Reviews says:

    Wtf is a p-51 at pear harbor????

  14. Wijasurah Amat says:

    Is that japanese carrier on 0:22 is Kaga?

  15. MonkeyBricks34 says:

    This guys should have used the Japanese mini plane that I have

  16. GhostBoy661 Mylo says:

    do hacksaw ridge

  17. alyssashoemaker says:

    i will pay some one to make the same thing for me right now im on my sis. acount

  18. Blue Wolf Films says:

    if you go to google maps and go to Pearl Harbor you look closely you can still see the remains of the Oklahoma

  19. Brayden Broad says:

    It's amazing what some people can build with Legos!

  20. Aidyn Mallet-Prevost says:

    Did they just take a boat and moved the bridge tower and put a huge platform on the boat, and put that prototype in mass production? For the actual carrier

  21. HyperionGM says:

    The two biggest problems here are that the torpedo bombers are not dark green… and Akigumo is the name of a destroyer… Perhaps he meant the Akagi? Otherwise it is an amazing recreation even with the limitations of using lego at that scale

  22. Name not found says:

    No offense to the creator or anything, but that carrier is way out of scale.

  23. MaryMharMJ Felicitas says:

    preal harbor is in hawaii or Oahu thats where i live

  24. Stan mucha says:

    some of the pieces were not lego

  25. BOBUX CAT says:

    man you have 900000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 legos

  26. Corporal Steak 97 says:

    Zee BYU noola cucu

  27. how do i buy that mosaic ???

  28. gogeta dotaman says:

    you can't spell Akigumo? you silly fella, you!
    aki with a gum and the O at the end: AKI GUM O!!!!

  29. Now redo this at minifig scale! 🙂

  30. Wait, where are the U.S. carriers?
    ….oh, right. That's Yamamoto said!

  31. nice job i love micro builds i sometimes build then my self but there not 1/2 as good as yours.

  32. Андрей Селедец says:


  33. flaggerify says:

    The Liechtenstein looks out of place.

  34. привет всем

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