LEGO USS Salt Lake City WWII Ship | World War Brick 2017

Beyond the Brick’s Joshua Hanlon talks with Jude Colborn about his LEGO USS Salt Lake City World War II heavy cruiser ship.

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27 thoughts on “LEGO USS Salt Lake City WWII Ship | World War Brick 2017

  1. Jasper Newton Daniel says:

    I’m Jasper Newton Daniel lol

  2. Looks like Indianapolis

  3. NonToxicPerson 12 says:

    did he use instructions?

  4. H.M.S Nelson says:

    Looks like the Pensacola class from W.o.W. nice job

  5. Mario Mejia says:

    I have built a battleship

  6. The cardboard Reich says:

    Is there a chance to buy this pls

  7. Ironhide T says:

    Is this a Pensacola class ship

  8. Wow, that's an awesome build

  9. AsianMisfit says:

    The turret position is kinda like the Pensacola

  10. Tony Productions says:

    Perfect. This can be used for my new mini Lego fleet! Nice build btw

  11. RoxyPumkin 869 says:

    This kid could have built USS Cleveland class Baltimore class Atlanta class or New Orleans class the pensacola class is probably the least known out of all of them but still a very cool ship

  12. Shaggy_Lama says:

    this is so cool! i didn't know everyone would like it!

  13. Wow.. I'm amazed.. a kid my age built that. I love it😮

  14. Ancient Cross says:

    Is the USS Salt Lake City a Cruiser or Battleship??

  15. This kid probably plays ark. "Basilosaurus"

  16. Pepsi Doggo says:

    what class is the USS Salt Lake City?

  17. Archie Pye says:

    every time that kid said 'like' 😂

  18. Squircle 3585 says:

    I was born in salt lake

  19. Kelsey Cate says:

    lol I live in Salt Lake City

  20. Zethor petersen says:

    if you see him again tall him for me, hes going to be a great engineer.

  21. NightReaper775 says:

    That boy was pretty nice!

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