Latest combat footage of Balochistan Liberation Front | Aashob | 2020

In this latest video footage, fighters of Balochistan Liberation Front ambushed Pakistani army conveys in two different districts of occupied Balochistan. Pakistani army suffered heavy loses as a result of these attacks. Balochistan Liberation Front is fighting for the independence of Balochistan which was occupied by Pakistan on March 27, 1948.

27 thoughts on “Latest combat footage of Balochistan Liberation Front | Aashob | 2020

  1. Bahut badiya maroo kutto ki auladoo ko

  2. Strong support to baloch army 💯💪💪

  3. Ijaz Ijaz says:

    Pak Army Zinda bad Pakistan zinda bad

  4. محمد بلوچستانی says:

    مرده باد پاکستان

  5. Mushtaq Mushtaq says:

    Azad Balochistan insha allah

  6. Mushtaq Mushtaq says:

    Hum balocha ka khon kabhi bhi nhi bakhshainge insha allah

  7. Mushtaq Mushtaq says:

    Balochistan Mani Jaan I Love U Baloch Sarmacharo

  8. Mushtaq Mushtaq says:

    Insha Allah Azad Balochistan

  9. Mushtaq Mushtaq says:

    Azad Balochistan

  10. Mushtaq Mushtaq says:

    Allah Shumra Kamiyab Bekha Ameen Sum Amen From Sindh

  11. Mushtaq Mushtaq says:

    Welldone Mani Sher e Balocha

  12. Mushtaq Mushtaq says:

    Azad Insha Allah

  13. Monika Naskar says:


  14. Monika Naskar says:

    Ajad Baluchistan jindabat👍

  15. Shyamal Kumar Ghosh says:

    Baluchistan jindabad

  16. younes asghar says:

    سرمچار گرپ

  17. Saroj Ghimire says:

    Free balochistan

  18. Support form Maratha community India…some of them are Maratha we have to fight for our Maratha brothers Maharashtra and Indian government should look into this matter and not only support them with ammunition indirect but directly support them in an international forum

  19. RIHAN Baloch says:

    4 baloch kafi he 100 pakistani army keliye

  20. RIHAN Baloch says:

    Azad Balochistan zindabad

  21. Jawed sheikh Fan club says:

    Punjab di basti.. Aata mehnga te pudhi sasti… Long live balochistan

  22. Musa Musa Musa says:


  23. Harish Singh bora says:

    Napak murdabad

  24. Harish Singh bora says:

    Indian with you bloch army jendabad

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