LAPD S.W.A.T in Action after Neighbors Dispute.

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The Los Angeles Police Department released Body Camera of LAPD S.W.A.T. stand off that occurred on 8-19-19 in the 77th Area.

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32 thoughts on “LAPD S.W.A.T in Action after Neighbors Dispute.

  1. Video Leak Police says:

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  2. RobSonixx says:

    6:02 You call this resisting arrest?! We call this a difficulty tweak! Only legends will get that reference

  3. Jody_Ewing06 says:

    They should have just shouted Joe mama

  4. Vieux Acadian says:

    Electra-Man ! Ozzy needs to make a new song .

  5. Bob Sanders says:

    1:27 I sorry this is an extremely dangerous situation but that was funny

  6. 65 years old acting like a fucking kid? fucking hell.

  7. CACTUS_XD says:

    LAPD swat has been wearing the same jumpsuit in the 26th and 13th since the 70s of course newer model jump suits but the same color

  8. Nobodies gonna say anything about all that Fiberglass?

  9. Furry Bear says:

    Joe the tough guy cries like a baby! The end!

  10. Truck-Kun says:

    Cop: JOE

    Joe: What!?

    My brain immediately after: JOE MAMA!!!!

  11. Was you there when he said he was going to kill someone, no that’s hearsay, just because he had guns in the attic doesn’t mean he Assaulting police officers, he would have had to use those guns to assault a police officer with a gun the only thing that you have on this man is he thought you with his hand that’s the only thing I’ve seen.

  12. Curtis Chan says:

    This was a taser testing drill?

  13. Aaron Gonzalez says:

    Joe listen acting like a dumass refuse to the police

  14. "Hey, Joe"
    "Where you going with that gun in your hand"

  15. samiul gamer says:

    Lol my mind keeps saying joe biden 🤣

  16. Joshua Nieto says:

    Great job not killing that man!

  17. If you listen carefully you can hear Tom Hanks shouting that " the sponge is dry"

  18. Scentual Obsessions says:


  19. Dark Angel says:

    75 police outside your house what do you say

  20. Sci Clone says:

    Hey Joe, I said, where you goin’ with that gun in your hand?

  21. Ricardo Bueno says:

    Why make this so hard on yourself joe, you are not going to hide from the police hhahahahahaha

  22. Blake Hanlin says:

    Ok part of me feels bad for the elderly man but more of me feels bad for the officer's that had to deal with that shit remember if you are being arrested go peacefully because your just gonna make it 10x worse for yourself or selves if you resist so if your going to be arrested be smart because you could prepare for a siege but at the end youll be in custody but itll add just more charges on you

  23. Johnny Potseed says:

    The guy was saying okay and he was still getting tased let me put it to you this way okay if you're not like me and used to being tased and tased yourself many times so if your taser gets taken from you it ain't going to f**** hurt it's going to be like for play the tasers make your muscles contract when you can't f**** move that's what a taser does it contrats all your muscles and immobilizes you yeah can't move and crawl out when you're being tased that officer was just a little too taser happy

  24. areeba habib says:

    police : get on your stomach
    joe: shut up no !
    taser re-deployed
    taser re-deployed
    taser re-deployed
    taser re-deployed

  25. Daniel Tilton says:

    Hey Joe, where you goin with that gun in your hand?

  26. Pfiftyone Mustang says:

    Joe Auh Britton

  27. "I don't wanna hurt you either, but remember…


  28. Professional Retard says:

    Joe who’s Joe?

  29. geezerp1982 says:

    why wasnt he charged as prohibited person in possession of a firearm??? – previous conviction for domestic voliance – gun control act 1968

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