Korean War: Tanks and Patrol – North Chonju, Korea (January 1951)

Signal Corps L11 ADC3687-1 SOURCE: AFCF A-2823—FILMa ARCH & APC MP 726′ ea Silent
TANKS AND PATROL N Chonju, Korea (Pro 50-185)19 Jan 51 Seg: A truckload of fuel and ammo sent from Company area is stuck in the snow. A tank pulls it free.CU, truck wheels moving by in the snow.A tank backs up to supply truck, ammo is unloaded.Shot made from tank as ammo is handed up from truck alongside.Adjusting fuel lines in truck.MS, men fueling tank.The hose is handed back to man on truck.Man climbs down from truck passes out mail to a few men.RG 111 Tankman with letter walks off.Accession III-NAV-210CU, tankman’s face as he reads letter.RV, as tank is refueled from oil drum in truck.The men warming themselves around wood fire after arriving in Inchon.A radio operator speaking over microphone.A fuel truck arrives alongside tank and the tank is refueled.Seq of tanks lined up on the snow before the tank patrol leaves for Inchon.The tank Co CO and officer in charge of patrol get together and discuss route. (Pro’ 50-185)19 Jan 51 (Cont d)The men mounting the tanks (bit soft, but can be used).The five tanks on the road, in line. Man in lead tank signals for others to follow.The tanks start away.A platoon of line troops climb aboard tank (Inchon) for last leg of patrol.Tank moving by.The next scene shows tank bogging down in rice paddy.The tank maneuvering and getting back on the road.Some of the men pointing their guns at prisoners (look like Chinese).Two tanks arriving at their destination, Chongyang on banks of frozen Han River. An observation plane flies over.Cut-to, officer looking at message which the plane has dropped.The men reading the message. Men climb aboard tank to start back.Slate 23 Jan MSs, showing rear of tank. mechanic’s foot is sticking out of rear hatch. Mec Looking down, showing two tank mechanics work on engine. Two men lift theirhead out. CU, chisel scraping ice away from frozen cylinders. Cylinder exposed. NOTE: Snow in all scenes.