Korean War: Psychological Warfare Leaflet & Information Dissemination Demonstration (Oct. 19, 1951)

Summary: LS, loudspeaker jeep in field hidden behind clump of trees. LS, Pan, tank with loudspeaker moves across field and up on roadway. B-26 moves past, close to camera, and the sky fills with leaflets at a distance. LS, field with leaflets as they fall among the bushes. LS, L-16 moves past, l/r, then flying low twd camera and, almost in CU, dropping leaflets over men in stands. Loudspeaker jeep drives into brush off road. Two soldiers set up loudspeakers. CU, soldier at mike. Two soldiers place loudspeaker behind bushes. Seq: Two soldiers at small wooden table in front of bushes. 105mm HE smoke shell is removed from case. Smoke canister is removed and two packs of leaflets set in. Seq: The same men remove template from roll of leaflets. Bomb is opened and the leaflets set in. Man cuts strings so that bomb can be closed. The two men carry bomb out.

Local Identifier: 111-ADC-9317