Korean War Air Combat Gun Camera Archival Footage

Korean War Air Combat Gun Camera Archival Footage

33 thoughts on “Korean War Air Combat Gun Camera Archival Footage

  1. Emily Bishop says:

    Gun sound form the plane camera is added afterwards, no audio track was used or needed or even available in these kinds of camera's, having sound is pointless.
    It's almost exclusively added in afterwards, the same as in movies

  2. A boy and his chickens says:

    Was there a person in the b17?

  3. Fabio Rivetti says:

    Brazilian Air Force flew for many years F-80c and AT-33 side by side. No one wanted to fly the F-80. The plane was very bad and had no chance against AT-33 and Gloster Meteor in dogfight. It had worse power / weight ratio and cg more forward than the T-33. My late friend, Brigadier Trompowsky, has collected many hours on this plane. He didn't know if he hated more the F-80 or the P47, which he called hot Brick.

  4. Mystic Wine says:

    Not much gun cam footage, just a lot of filler.

  5. 안영선 says:

    산에 나무가 없네

  6. Tracy Dillon says:

    To bad airpower didn't decapitate the Kim regime during the Korean conflict.

  7. Александр Вдовин says:

    США за всю свою историю ни разу не воевали с равным себе противником. И то периодически проигрывали. Посмотрим, как они смогут воевать против России или Китая.

  8. Escape Velocity says:

    What isn't mentioned in this film is how the Navy and Marines, with those totally unsexy and completely outdated prop planes, kept North Korean ground forces from pushing US and the South Koreans into the sea. The Chair Force decided they didn't want prop planes since "prop planes couldn't survive in a modern battlefield". Turns out their sexy fast jets couldn't support ground operations as they were too fast and too fuel hungry. While the Blue suit mafia scrambled to get their P51's back from the ANG and into theater, the Marines and Navy were there to do the job with A1's, Corsairs, and Avengers.

  9. bertiod von rastenburger says:

    Proudly displaying their latest atomic missile with glamour girls to boot.
    Very scary times, how the fuck are we still here.?

  10. Spanky Harland says:

    Redstone- not only used as a cold war missile, but the space rocket that put Alan Shepard into a 15 minute sub orbital space ride.

  11. Снежный Джони says:

    0:45 that is so me in war thunder

  12. Damn, the propaganda is even thick in his voice

  13. Probably hard to get pilots for those B-17 target planes.

  14. GARY HILSON says:

    What's the name of this documentary?

  15. Max Frankow says:

    Korea will always be one of the most interesting conflicts due to the strange melding of aerial technology. B-29s, Corsairs, and Mustangs serving alongside F-80 Shooting Stars, F-86 Sabres, F2 Banshees, and F9 Panther jets. Add helicopters into that mix and you've got a very interesting tech clash.

  16. robin byle says:

    You lost something during your landing… Just mah rockets, no biggie

  17. It's a pity the planes have to pull up and peel off before one can see the missiles strike their targets.

  18. Ronald Encontro says:

    I wonder who is that man talking at the background……..so…..old….

  19. Andy Jones says:

    B17 USED AS A TARGET DRONE,nooooooooooo

  20. Until MIG 15 came and ……

  21. em1o smurf says:

    my father had little respect for the AF in korea. they used to throw bean-cans at them and bust up their engines. they were told to quit, so they threw rocks. oo rah

  22. Mark Calvert says:

    the B29 at 5:15 is called the purple shaft . teeheehee

  23. Jeff Mullinix says:

    We should have Nuc there asses back then .

  24. tmg78ohio says:

    Worst Michael Bay film ever

  25. Derro Farm says:

    USA should have nuked them.

  26. yo ElCorrentino says:

    Video is fake..!! jaja

  27. Earl Edwards says:

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  28. pilot officer Herbert camp after that one!

  29. Gian Magrine says:

    usa won commies lost like always

  30. William Boentges says:

    gun cameras are like a gopro camera

  31. William Boentges says:

    gun cameras are like a gopro camera

  32. Messi Dios says:


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