Korean War: 96th FA Battalion & 8th Engineers; 8th Cavalry Regt Attack on Hill (Jan. 1951)

Summary: HUNJANGNI (?): MLS, helicopter hovering in air just before landing. Brig Gen Armstead Mead, Asst CG, 3d Inf Div; Brig Gen John H Hinds 1st Cav Div Arty; Brig Gen Charles D Palmer, 1st Cav; Marcel Rombe CO, 5th Cav Regt, and other officers. Officers scanning map. Men of 15th Regt, 3rd Inf Div, moving up on muddy road through town. CU, man resting, sitting in snow; rocket launcher parts on lap. Some men coming toward and to l. of c. Road is muddy. RA, men carrying their gear walking on muddy road. Some ROKs in group. A few American soldiers watch from sidelines. 8TH CAVALRY REGT ATTACK ON HILL.: Just outside Yangzi, West of Ichon: Slated 01/26: Men, C0s A a B starting out from jump-off point, just outside Yangzi. Men walking away from camera and then crossing partly snow- covered field. Men moving across; explosion in bg. Man who was hit by burp gun, sitting up in snow R receiving first aid from three men. The wounded man doesn’t seem to be in pain. Two men with 57mm recoilless rifle between them. Soldier chewing gum, looking around. LS, hill, few puffs of smoke. Men marching on hillside. Four Chinese prisoners being searched by soldier. Another soldier searching prisoner. Scenes, men making way up hill. Men on hill as a couple of Navy fighter planes fly over. MS, spectacled soldier holding gun, kneeling. Smoke pouring up from hill, which has been bombed by planes; men in fg. (scratched) Planes flying over hill. CU, body – an American dressed in shorts and undershirt, probably POW who was killed. (So says caption; picture indistinct.) MLS, few men coming toward camera on hill; smoke moving up in bg. Slate 01/29: HSs, Inf moving up on foot to attack 7 miles north of Suwon. HLS, men advancing on road, away from camera, followed by tank. CU, major or colonel looking thru binocs. LS, men bringing in Chinese. LS, Co K in bg, men firing 57mm recoilless rifle and 30 cal MG. 8TH CAVALRY REGT ATTACK ON HILL.: Just outside Yangzi, West of Ichon: slated 01/29/1951: MLS, tank standing in roadway fires its big gun several times across field. LS across field, smoke moving up. American soldiers, some ROKs, taking cover in ditch as tank fires its MG in bg.
Local Identifier: 111-ADC-9465