Korean Special Agent React to REAL U S Combat Footage for the First Time!!

Today we have a new guest, His name is Jjangdol Man! He was in the South Korean Special Forces for 4 years. Hope you enjoy..





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26 thoughts on “Korean Special Agent React to REAL U S Combat Footage for the First Time!!

  1. the main problem with NK military is they dont have any contact with other militaries. it should tell you how often NK military has been on large war campaigns more about Gorilla in house fighting. he even said maybe theres no such equipment as the mounted .50 cal……… thats how quick and overwhelmed NK would be if they actually tried to go to war with the U.S. this special forces guy from NK doesn't even know about mounted .50 cals. it wouldn't even be a war. it would be over in months.

  2. Matty Wanders says:

    This "SF" dude isn't very SF-ey.

  3. Got into the rear.. sounds about right

  4. Eric the Great says:

    Don't use red and blue letters. White on black or black on white. No colors. Can't read on phone. Thank you. Good vids. Better if I can read what they're saying.

  5. Brian Freeman says:

    I'm curious. He talks about joint exercises with U.S.???

  6. Special forces? lol This guy is clueless, maybe special olympics. There is just soo much wrong with this guy, he has the knowledge of a private E-1 Not a operator

  7. Paul Bucy says:

    the reason they are not aiming is they are supressing while they wait for arty or a A-10 to come and clear out the area downrange. It also can be they got some sharpshooters in the back, they are just using the suppression to keep the enemy from moving, surveying the battlefield and/or engaging with all their firepower.

  8. Killjoy26 says:

    3:00 their aim is to suppress (also called base of fire) the enemy so that its impossible for them to return fire. It’s called “violence of action.” Meaning they use the maximum amount of speed, force and strength to dominate the battlefield. On the battlefield you don’t have time to place your shots right on target. You pick the general area you’re getting shot from and shoot back. It’s either you go home in a box or they eat dirt.

  9. Damon Vito says:

    Has he never gotten in a firefight before?

  10. Pedro Matos says:

    Diferent countrys… diferent types of engagement…. the diference isUSA had alot of battlefield experience and they learned so much… air or ground combat since world war 2 just imagine the amount of experience US have in the so many battles they had.. that s why … and the continous training troops had… thats why US is a letthalmforce when full engaged

  11. NelsonBorisYeltsin says:

    Most of this isn't actual combat you goofs

  12. Robert Peruzzini says:

    This guys an idiot, the korean military isnt even in the same class as a major power like USA or Russia. Not even close

  13. Steve Dsv says:

    There are way better combat footage than this

  14. Riley Nash says:

    Are you sure he is special forces??? He doesn’t even know the SAW M249 from personal experience… American special forces are at least familiarized with weapons. “Capable of hitting continuously” ? You mean you wasn’t trained in the importance of a squad automatic weapon and how belt fed systems are implemented???? “No enemy counter fire” I’m convinced this guy has never been in any special forces operations… it’s not training… the footage y’all used is well known. The guy from the first video loft his right leg 🦵 and in the second or third one where they are driving and shooting they were encountering some kind of contact, I don’t remember what though. But none of it was training videos.

  15. ken karish says:

    Their aim was most likely suppressing fire so troops can advance on a position or keep the enemy in a position for air strikes.

  16. Marty Thornton says:

    He needs to watch the top snipers in the world do a reaction to it.

  17. Joseph Mcbride says:

    The thumbnail used for the video is from a video of my unit in the horn of panjwai, we got in a firefight while doing over watch on top of this afghan mud hut with the bubble domes on top. You should have used that video instead, the ones you showed were probably the most tame I have ever seen. We were supposed to do a joint training gig with the rok soldiers when we returned but it got nixed

  18. Sean Walters says:

    A special forces soldier that doesn't understand the idea of suppression fire?

  19. Richard Anderson says:

    Ive shot the k1 rifle. Owner w civilian variant here in the states. Not a bad rifle.

  20. This is a real situation these troops are firing suppressive fire at where the enemy's approximate position is so they can keep their heads down most likely so another group of soldiers can move forward on the position they don't need to hit anything they just need to keep the soldiers from firing back or looking up over their defensive positions USA 6 1/2

  21. weird science the 2nd says:

    Nk would be totally over in 3 days if the USA wanted to there's no oil so that's why there left to it jdam bombs would cripple them before they even moved troops let alone sustain the fight there no insult meant its just a fact let alone the a10s let alone the us killing machine literally being the most powerful force this planets ever had on its surface

  22. @ 0:44 Joong-Sa is a ROK military rank equal to the rank of NATO OR-7 aka, he is an SFC.

  23. Sonoa r0ckmans says:

    "Every" Korean can react since both issues conscription 🤣

  24. raven nevar says:

    i believe the M249 or similar type weapon (LMG) is present in almost every squad in the US army

  25. Smurf3398 says:

    why is he noticing the M249 from a game ???? SpEcIaL AgEnT my ass

  26. Tamara Rasbury says:

    I really doubt he was in special ops as he says he was. He doesn’t know what is what. Very sad

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