KMS Tirpitz – Guide 117

The Tirpitz, last of the Kriegsmarine battleships, is today’s subject.

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45 thoughts on “KMS Tirpitz – Guide 117

  1. Drachinifel says:

    Pinned post for Q&A 🙂

  2. Drew Scheller says:

    This is the Dunkirk Train Station used by New York Central, this location is near where many of my videos are filmed

  3. bull010163 says:

    It is said that being slightly miffed they did not sink the ship, the Royal Navy never gave the RAF full credit for the sinking as a fair amount remained above water though upside down.
    British humour probably!!!

  4. Joachim Peiper SS says:

    Great Story !!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 BRAVO 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

  5. There is a big piece of the belt armour exhibited here and another big chunk of the belt armour on display here The armour is impressively thick. I've also been on Svalbard where you see what remains of the old town of Longyearbyn that was shelled by the Tirpitz, fortunately all the inhabitants had been evacuated to safety some time earlier.

  6. Ron Wright says:

    Trump there is a rumor you didnt get the message you lost BIGLEY ace ! Go back being a caddy or bell hop your done for get 2024 the pandemic you left us with we will never for get ! Hay a tip dump rudy hes a real moron !

  7. Tirpitz the halfbrother of Bismarck

  8. Bonkers McGee says:

    How were the bombs falling at mach 1?

  9. Sandor Clegane says:

    Gerry's knew how to build a ship..

  10. The smoke screen must have been huge to hide a battle ship.

  11. Torias Ygramul says:

    My Grandfather, who passed away in 2017 served on her as the navigator/Spotter on her recon-plane. He contracted typhoid fever witch lead to him being transfered home to germany for treatment and recovery mere 14 days before she got sunk.

  12. George Herod says:

    So Bismarck and Tirpitz was not even close to the Yamato and Musashi. 70, 000 tons

  13. Derek R Watson says:

    Its kind of sad how she met her fate tied up at anchor and then was left to rot for ten years upside down.

  14. Riaz Hassan says:

    Battleships. Expensive monsters, bristling with guns. Made a brave display when they made thunderous broadsides. In fact they had little impact on the war. Flimsy little airplanes could sink them, so the main effort was to keep them unused and safe in protected harbours

  15. Tsuari Rindoku says:

    Imagine being a Prime Minister and getting angry by 1 lucky shot from one Germany BB sinks just an outdated Battlecruiser

  16. Kees Van Haren says:

    The best battleship off WW2 only obsolete since the age of battleships was over.

  17. Nate Randall says:

    Tirpitz: (Sailing along at a steady pace)
    RAF Pilots: "Alright, chaps, looks like our target practice is here. Remember, 10 quid per Anti-Air crew you silence."

  18. tellthemborissentyou says:

    The Germans built a battleship at a time they were already obsolete so they parked it in Norway and watched while the British went completely nuts trying to destroy it. The real story is how the Royal Navy's obsession wasted so much resource and dragged the RAF into a pointless series of operations.

  19. KMS Tirpitz says:

    Hey! You cant just use pics of me without asking me!
    But i guess its alright, just ask me next time

  20. Horrible for the men who were trapped when it turned.

  21. Iam nooneofconsequence says:

    Interestingly, my mother was raised in Tromso, and recounted her witnessing the sinking!

  22. Magister R'yleth says:

    History of the Tirpitz in a nutshell: it got bombed. Again.

  23. Lester Beedell says:

    Not Hamptons but Hampdens

  24. Running2 StandStill says:

    What a waste of metal! Why try to keep it eventhough it was basically useless anyway. The resources they wasted keeping it in service without putting it to use is just stupid. Moving it from one fjord to another and wasting more resources to repair it when damaged, in order to what play hide and seek with the british air force.

  25. Nathan James says:

    It is a shame they couldn't Salvage her and put her back in working order as a museum same way I think they're the Yamato or Musashi it's been nice having one of those pieces of World War II history to walkthrough

  26. Edmond Barrett says:

    The battleship equivalent of death by a thousand cuts.

  27. Виктор ULEESS says:

    Нет перевода на русский

  28. Why was it so hard to sink, the Japanese sunk a battleship at Pearl harbour with much lighter aircraft. Again the Americans sunk the yamato again with relatively small bombs compared to the tall boys that the British used here,

  29. Jim Kennedy says:

    she was a lovely looking ship as far as battle ships go. thank God she was not melted down and build panthers instead. 500 panthers and rommel would have won the war for the Axis powers.

  30. Michael Rowsell says:

    A lot of idiots here think it was easy to sent aircraft to bomb a ship in a high sided fiord with all the shore defence as well as air cover . Those bomber has to fly to Russia and refuel and attack on the way back . If any of those ships had got into the mid Atlantic undetected they could have destroyed convoys . Russia only survived because of these convoys .

  31. Adam Volný says:

    Wait, so Tirptz never actually sunk anything?

  32. Avocedo 。 says:

    Tirpitz is a prove that you don't have to do anything to be recognizable.
    Legendary 10/10

  33. Andrew Montgomery says:

    "The Lone Queen of the North" as the Norwegians called and as Churchill call her "The Beast"

  34. Not all Gaming says:

    too much power 0.0
    pieces fly away!!!!

  35. Phillip Neal says:

    So this would indicate to me that Tirpitz is officially the "hardest" ship ever. Has any other ship ever had that amount of resources channelled into destroying it by it's enemies?

  36. GaryNumeroUno says:

    I must add a note for us to remember the brave souls on both sides who perished during the various operations to sink the vessel; in particular the mariners trapped inside the ship after the capsizing who died a horrible death. I'm surprised they did not leave it as a war grave but, I'm sure the bodies were interred back home in Germany. RIP.

  37. Ben Wilson says:

    The first chariot attack on the Tirpitz was carried out by the Norwegian fishing vessel "Arthur" and this was commanded by Leif Larsen and crewed by men of the Shetland bus,. The Arthur got to within 5 miles of the Tirpitz when bad weather caused the two Chariots to break free, The Arthur was scuttled and the crew and divers headed to Sweden. They all made it except AB Evans who was wounded and captured by the Germans. The Germans later murdered AB Evans.

  38. Nashman Nash says:

    Didn´t Tirpitz carry 90 20mm AA guns during her last 6 months?

  39. Lics Norgi says:

    meh why man it at all? just make it a dummy target , refit-> more armor and thats all

  40. piratexxxking says:

    The british were super pissed off

  41. Clyde Cessna says:

    Clearly the RAF were systematically wrong in their approach. 1942 Dauntless SPDs dispatched 4 carriers in an afternoon at Midway and they were moving targets. Something is wrong somewhere.

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