KMS Graf Spee – Guide 075 (Extended)

The KMS Graf Spee, a Deutschland class heavy cruiser of the Kriegsmarine is today’s subject.

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-HMS Ajax
-Project 1047
-O class
-R class
-Battle class
-Daring class
-USS Indianapolis

-Fire Control Systems
-Protected Cruisers
-Scout Cruisers
-Naval Artillery
-Tirpitz (damage history)
-Treaty Battleship comparison

49 thoughts on “KMS Graf Spee – Guide 075 (Extended)

  1. Roger Tulk says:

    thank you for pronouncing Ajax correctly most of the time.

  2. The Legacy says:

    Remarkable ship, and smart decision to scuttle instead of battling it out. Chances are, the decision saved lives on both sides.

  3. Tony Ashpitel says:

    I thoroughly enjoy Drach's videos a fascinating journey back through the books I read all those years ago brought to life through his videos, contemporary stills, and his excellent narrative. However, it is NEVER 'the HMS' , always just 'HMS' (His – or her – Majesty's Ship). A small point? Not to ex-RN personnel.

  4. Sheriff 001 says:

    OKM "Try to seek refuse in Argentina. If you see the Fuhrer there in a few years time, don't make it obvious."

  5. Jason Cabral says:

    When the graf spee was salvaged, her belt armor was sold to an Argentine gun maker, who used the steel to make license built copies of the US Colt 1911.

  6. TheOtherSteel says:

    The electronic voice at the start of this video is atrocious. Rid yourself of this blemish on your videos.

  7. Madhie Sensei says:

    T-Rex with a fur…E that's creepy…

  8. Tanner Denny says:

    Believe it or not, the Germans in German Samoa, who they took a liking to the extremely kind and lighthearted but caring and so generous to guests, its impossible to not just love 'fa'a Samoa and the people of these little islands. Especially if you like to eat. (I can vouch, as i lived in Upolu, and loved it) The Germans in Upolu, the German territory of Samoa taught the Samoans, who took quite a liking to the German beers, especially the lagers, how to make a proper brew and that same lager is being produced to this day, and swears if i had a chug of it at a Biergarten in friggin small town Bravaria I would think it a local german brew. It is amazingly goood and in samoa a 40 ouncer of it was like a buck or 3 or 4 tala, so its cheap as hell and delicious.If you ever luckily find yourself in Samoa or I hear New Zealand can get it in weird booze stores, the Samoan way is to send your toddler with a fiver to get you some Vailima and a pack of Pall Malls cause thats it for cigarettes and the beer thats everywhere there is bomb as hell and someone will probably offer you one before you make it to the store. Like i said, these are cool ass people. Not like the asshole ones in hawaii tellin you to surf somewhere else or whatever. F them dudes, they know nothin about Fa'a Samoa- The Samoan way of doin it. And i love to explain that sternly to them-in Samoan which they don't even speak, all tatted up knowing 5 words. Samoan Samoans, wonderful people though. No one kinder. <3 Highly recomend a visit. Dont bring too much money you wont need it. Anyway videos over i learnd nothing haha

  9. bella dexon says:

    The lethal chess fittingly battle because friction univariately park aside a fascinated weather. maddening, marvelous hole

  10. so basically, this is a beefed up, faster, more advanced, and more modern pre-dreadnought battleship? i mean, its got two main battery turrets are either end, though, they are triple barrels, not double. also, it seems the secondary battery is it, no third battery or more. thus, there is one difference.

  11. scabbycat cat says:

    It is claimed the Graf SPee had a range of 16000 miles. Can this be true ? What warship in the world today after 70 years of technological improvements has anywhere near 16000 miles range
    ( except nuclear ) ?

  12. Michael Dobson says:

    Great job being accurate and not biased.

  13. Pedro Correia says:

    Atlantic coast of spain? Where's that?

  14. Hi Drachnifel,
    I like your channel very much. Could you please make a video about Admiral Scheer (the ship). In my opinion it is one of the most interesting ships of WW2, because it was the only German capital ship that managed to get home after a very successful raiding "Feindfahrt".

    Ulli from Germany

  15. Salute to the german captain ✋😐

  16. phillip walker says:

    Sorry about that I accidentally sent it before I was done if graf spee had a had three screws with four engines on each do you think it would have achieved the 32 knots of a heavy cruiser

  17. phillip walker says:

    Graf spee only had two screws with four diesel engines on each

  18. Humphrey Horsehead says:

    You have to respect the Kriegsmarine, and by extension the Imperial German Navy in WWI. They knowingly opposed superior forces and fought like lions.

  19. Uncle Joe says:

    As I don't see or hear "HMNZS" anywhere, I'm assuming that the Kiwis were manning a Royal Navy ship, not one of their own.
    If that light cruiser was commissioned into the RNZN now, given it a Harpoon, a Phalanx & some electronic upgrades, she would be their Flagship.

  20. OPB PanzerBricks says:

    Another "what if" question: ~6 month after Rio dela Plata, the 8.8 Flak was used the first time against Mathilda tanks. What do you think would have happened when the Graf Spee would have used the three 10.5 cm twin Flak to fokus on the 25mm armored turrets and barbettes of the opposing ships?

  21. I love this ship one of my favorite, this and hipper tirpitz bismarck and a few others lol

  22. Vagabond820 says:

    The thing I don’t understand is why was scuttling the ship was preferable to it being interned for the war at a neutral port? I’d think having the ship survive the war in neutral hands would be better than guaranteed destruction.

  23. Why is it 'tragic' that Langsdorff killed himself? He was basically conducting piracy for Nazi Germany. Traditionally pirates were hanged on a gibbet erected just over the water where their rotting bodies would be seen by other sailors perhaps contemplating such a career. Langsdorff got off easy.

  24. Liviu Popa says:

    Is wonderfull. Sprong and speedy.

  25. Thomas Van de Velde says:

    Graf Spee wasn´t the first German ship to be equipped with radar, it was the first warship to be equipped with any shape or form of tactical. When R.V. Jones (´The Wizard´ working for Lord Cherwell and in direct contact with Winston Churchill during the whole war) saw pictures of the burning Graf Spee, he asked if ANYBODY had seen what immediately identified as radar antennas still intact on the burning ship… They had not, and hence he went out there immediately to start scraping together as much of the Seetakt System as possible, since at this time Britain was lagging far behind in the development of tactical radar. One can easily state that Graf Spee had a unique advantage, by being able to use bad weather to good advantage. The Seetakt I or ´A´ (?) had two downsides, one was fragile transmitter tubes, the other being the transmitter was on the low-powered side. The fact it worked at a very high frequency for the time meant this could be compensated by the beaming effect of the antenna, but still. None the less advantages were it´s novelty, compactness and high (if JUST not high enough for gun-laying) accuracy for the day. Apparently what it had done very good, was something one wouldn´t expect (but early British night-fighters would soon learn this lesson too, while fighting Luftwaffe bombers) nor anybody had thought about: navigation in the dark/foul weather! The fact you know where you are while your enemy is struggling to even position himself, increases your survivability while vastly decreasing that of your opponent, because you can jump him at a premeditated point. Which is what happened to a lot of U-Boats during Black May, when a Wolfpack about 20-30 strong (thought) it fell on ONS-5. Weather turned foul, fogbank coming out of nowhere, visibility falling down to 150-200m. One (surfaced) U-Boat after another was surprised by a starshell, followed by every gun (especially AA-guns) opening up at near point-blank range, turning the convoy-battle into an ´Age of Sail´ lookalike melee.
    Which was precisely how U-Boat killing had to be done: surprise them surfaced, at night, all guns blazing, at too low range for a crash dive or torpedoes to be used. And quick-firing, high-velocity guns are just perfect for puncturing that pressure hull: Game Over.
    Regards, and apology for (again) getting carried away.
    PS. Sadly enough the Kriegsmarine Radar ´war´ is less well documented than that of the Luftwaffe/Defense of the Reich, on which there´s an incredible amount of well organized source material that actually contains all the original designs and parameters, unlike which is (ironically) the case for Allied Radars, where one has to wade trough rivers of mythology before getting to facts.

  26. John Monkus says:

    As a youngster, during the fifties in Heidelberg, Germany, the widow of Langsdorff and her daughter lived upstairs in our apartment building. My parents and I occasionally Kaffe Klatched with them. She had a detailed wooden model of the Graf Spee, and her husband's beautifully carved wooden sea chest, complete with the eagle and swastika intact, although the swastika is illegal in Germany.

  27. Shame about Langsdorff, seemed like a proper good captain.

  28. I believe you might have the position of the wreck wrong in that map at the end of the video. Those are just some rocks. And they are way way too close to shore. The ship was scuttled much farther into the river.

  29. Melville Sperryn says:

    Pity he didn't mention the wreck was bought secretly by the British who stripped off the radar equipment and sent it back to be studied in the Uk

  30. Robert Roud says:

    One of my Favorite ships , love her looks and armament.

  31. Charlie Mio says:

    8:44 Anyone hav any idea how they would have passed the signal along? Would they have use hand signals or would that risk giving away your next move to the enemy?

  32. justandy333 says:

    aa guns being replaced by 605mm guns!!!!!! Bloody hell!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  33. edward cnnell says:

    The Graf Spee was a beautiful ship. An clean lined eloquent design.

  34. Andrew Drabble says:

    The book that came after about this battle is a damn good read. The Captain of the Altmark was a real nasty piece of work

  35. Harrison Turner says:

    i thought u said 605mm guns and i was like, someones overcompensating

  36. Do you think the outcome would have been different if HMS Cumberland was present with the other 3 cruisers?

  37. Doug Auzene says:

    So – "Huntsman" – Captured; Get "Snow White" Too (Assume lt Existed-Ok?) Kriegsmarine:
    Snow White & The Huntsman!

  38. Jim Crawford says:

    She was a fine looking ship and the best looker out of the three.

  39. Mike Roark says:

    I hear no sound? Is this not narrated?

  40. Cliff Sweeting says:

    Excellent presentation. Apart from … Drach, RN ships are either 'HMS Whatever' or 'the Whatever'. Never 'the HMS Whatever'.

  41. They need to add Exeter, Ajax and Achilles to WoWs, to honour the men who fought and died in this battle, oh and I'm a Kiwi hehe.

  42. John Rettig says:

    Have you ever done the USS Buckley a Destroyer Escort ??

    She has a very interesting story .

  43. The British Royal Navy's guile and deception sunk the Graf Spee.


  44. David Wallace says:

    Great video lesson. Thank you.

  45. Can you make the history of altmark?

  46. Love the Exeter and the other cruisers, out classed, still fronted up and put her fists up for the battle – Proper courage, and the team work by the RN was good. When you force the enemy to avoid battle and self-scuttle that is a big win. Less risk, still the outcome you want.

  47. Ian Pearson says:

    I was never an admirer of an enemy and the Germans were just that to a man no matter what some thought politically.
    They were not defending their Fatherland they were promoting the Nazi cause.
    No one loves a loser and they lost twice in the living memory of many people of the time.
    The fact that they were shooting at our guys on all fronts is testament that they supported the Nazi cause and A. Hitler too so they got what they deserved in the end and thank God we didn't lose to them.
    When you know a cause is lost you can be very critical of your leaders and blame them for all your troubles that occurred in the conflict and the euphoria of the early victories died as the walls of their cities came tumbling down.
    How many dead innocent people does it take to know a cause is unjust?

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