Jimi Hendrix ~ All Along The Watchtower ~ US Navy & Marine Fleet Air ~ Vietnam War

This video contains historical footage taking during the Vietnam War for educational and historical purposes. BACKGROUND MUSIC: The Jimi Hendrix Experience. SONG: All Along The Watchtower. Between March 1965 and November 1968, aircraft of the U.S. Air Force had flown 153,784 attack sorties against North Vietnam, while the Navy and Marine Corps had added another 152,399. On 31 December 1967, the Department of Defense announced that 864,000 tons of American bombs had been dropped on North Vietnam during Rolling Thunder, compared with 653,000 tons dropped during the entire Korean War and 503,000 tons in the Pacific theater during the Second World War.

The CIA privately estimated that damage inflicted in the north totaled $500 million in total damage. They also estimated that by April 1967, 52,000 casualties including 21,000 deaths had occurred as a result of the operation. The CIA estimated that 75 percent of casualties were involved in military or quasi-military operations including civilians working on military and logistical operations.45 percent of casualties in 1965 were civilians and logistics workers while that figure was 80 percent in 1966. In June 1967, they estimated 19,000 to 26,000 deaths including 13,000 to 17,000 civilian deaths were caused by the bombing. At the end of 1967, the CIA estimated 27,900 militaries and 48,000 civilians killed and wounded. The US government has estimated that 30,000 civilians were killed in total as a result of the operation.

Due to combat and operational circumstances, 506 U.S. Air Force, 397 Navy, and 19 Marine Corps aircraft were lost over or near North Vietnam. During the operation, of the 745 crewmen shot down, the U.S. Air Force recorded 145 rescued, 255 killed, 222 captured (23 of whom died in captivity), and 123 missing. Figures on U.S. Navy and Marine Corps casualties were harder to come by. During the 44-month time frame, 454 naval aviators were killed, captured, or missing during combined operations over North Vietnam and Laos.

Rolling Thunder had begun as a campaign of psychological and strategic persuasion, but it changed very quickly to interdiction, a tactical mission. Its ultimate failure had two sources, both of which lay with the civilian and military policy-makers in Washington: first, neither group could ever conceive that the North Vietnamese would endure under the punishment that they would unleash upon it. The civilians, moreover, did not understand airpower well enough to know that their policies might be crippling it; second, the American military leadership failed to initially propose and develop, or later to adapt, an appropriate strategy for the war.

Along the way, Rolling Thunder also fell prey to the same dysfunctional managerial attitude as did the rest of the American military effort in Southeast Asia. The process of the campaign became an end unto itself, with sortie generation as the standard by which progress was measured. Sortie rates and the number of bombs dropped, however, equaled efficiency, not effectiveness.

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Cinematic by JRG
Special Thanks to Periscope Films
All Along the Watchtower lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Audiam, Inc
Artists: The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Heaven Research
Album: Electric Ladyland
Released: 1968

21 thoughts on “Jimi Hendrix ~ All Along The Watchtower ~ US Navy & Marine Fleet Air ~ Vietnam War

  1. Jeannie E. H says:

    To all the men and women who served: Thank you for your service and God bless you.

  2. Eugene Robert says:

    The head demon has been located . Now let's see who is the purest leader

  3. Alex Rain says:

    Ол элонг зэ уотчтауэр .. Vietnam war against com

  4. William Brazas says:

    God bless USMC and All branches of the armed forces and Thank you All for your sacrifices for me and my freedom! "The Hours Getting Late" Indeed !! Thx Jimi🍻

  5. B W Neuberger says:

    A-4's Forever!

  6. J Man Young says:

    I served on the USS Intrepid. This may be it or one like it. We were anti submarine. Same type short folding wing jets and big sonar planes. Sub give away it's position. Was in big trouble, was no where deep enough to hide.

  7. John Who has an opinion says:

    3/187 infantry delta co. 101st airborne. Air assault Wolfpac

  8. Robert Starkey says:

    Go Marines. God loves you

  9. Icarus Tanović says:

    Don't you know, mister that World have never seen Vietnamese side of the story. Best we have ever got was 'Napalm Girl'.
    Don't you know that even today, people are crippled, killed or seriously wounded because of those missiles, landmines, various toxins, bombs that haven't exploded?
    What did Vietnam did to USA, ever? Nothing at all, people are not clear there why in the first place you guy attacked them. Of course they're gonna fight back, they don't want to be rat hole such is Iraq nowadays. If, say USSR would have used same tactics like you did in Vietnam, today Afganistan would be normal country with no Wahhabis doing terroristic CIA attacks daily.
    Don't forget to mention McNamara's morons too. Don't you know how many American boys and theirs lives you destroyed in Nam? Vietnam is tragedy, but not if one asks Hollywood producers and those who served in Wyoming, washing airplanes, or at best being cook in Vietnam, or radio operator. Mr. Stone is a liar and he can save those lies to Yanks. No one who was in War any War believes that nonsense.

  10. Robert GArcia says:


  11. mountain dweller says:

    A time and place where the late Senator John McCain flew and was shot down and spent a great deal of time as a POW , in the meanwhile at the same time the clown who was just booted out of office spent his time in and out of the night clubs in New York Fighting off STD !

  12. Eric Scott says:

    Thanks for sharing! If you have a minute, I have shared a new song of mine on my channel. As a fellow music lover, I'd love if you would take a listen. I hope you like it 🙂

  13. Scooter Tramp says:

    I grew up in the Vietnam era. Initially, it was a dirty little war fought in some unknown country where no one could see. As time went by, the media got involved and moved in. Soon you could view the conflict is living colour as you ate your diner off of a TV tray in your living room. Monks burning in the streets, napalm rolling down and immolating anything in it's path, villagers annihilated by both sides, and the daily body counts. It didn't take long for the supposed heroism and glory to wear off as the public saw what wars are really all about. There is no glamour to be found, just young men trying to kill and maim one another after being sent by greedy old men looking to increase their influence and power.
    One of the saddest parts for me was to see how the young vets were treated when they arrived home. They were cursed, reviled by many, and sometimes spit on. It wasn't right nor fair. You see, those young men went to war because they believed in what their leaders were telling them and many had no choice because they were drafted and if they refused to go they were jailed. In any event, all were betrayed. Betrayed by their leaders and betrayed by their peers………….I don't condone any war and never will. They are pointless and could be avoided. As for those who were there and came home to more violence and hatred, you have my apologies. You didn't deserve that and it wasn't your fault so you should not have borne the blame……………

  14. Jim Clark says:

    A very inapproriate choice of music. Jimi played his own version of the Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock on August 18th, 1969, with his guitar, as a statement against this war.

  15. ..fucked up. using this great song to honour the us military.
    what about all that innocent vietnamese that died from all the attacks of american soldier ??
    the usa and its military have caused so much suffering and millions of deaths . shame on that

  16. jordan tanous says:

    brooklyn and bailey

  17. michael B says:

    Sometimes battles have to be done to keep things that we believe and things we dont

  18. Adam Robertson-Young says:

    God bless, Freedom, a word, forgotten, by, the enemies of Christ, white, or Black, or Brown

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