Japan’s New Rapid Deployment Forces | Structure & Equipment

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Intro: (0:00)
Strategic Overview: (1:15)
Regiment Overview: (4:49)
Headquarters: (5:30)
Fire Support: (6:50)
Infantry: (7:19)
Wheeled Light Tanks: (9:05)

40 thoughts on “Japan’s New Rapid Deployment Forces | Structure & Equipment

  1. Battle Order says:

    Some notes:
    1. Although we focused mainly on national security threats from state actors in this video, Rapid Deployment Regiments are also focused on providing a quick military response to natural disasters. Each regiment furnishes a platoon for this purpose, called a FAST-Force. We are unsure exactly what is in it, although it seems to be at least an APC and a bunch of trucks (probably some medical personnel in ther).
    2. Despite the introduction of the Kawasaki C-2 airlifter, the wheeled Type 16 MCV is the heaviest tank in the Japanese lineup that can be carried in it. If the Japanese wanted to move their main battle tanks, they'd have to do it via sealift (where they are also relatively limited comparatively speaking) or rely on the U.S.'s airlift capability. Airlift is probably one of the weaker aspects of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force.
    3. The Type 16 MCV is indeed a tank (a light tank specifically), not a tank destroyer or assault gun. This is because it takes on tank roles doctrinally, including close combat and infantry fire support. While something like the Stryker MGS (a wheeled assault gun) does infantry fire support, it is not meant to do other tank functions. The Type 16 MCV fills a niche as a cheaper, lighter platform that can take the load off more expensive MBTs and replace the older Type 74 as infantry support. Each Japanese infantry division and brigades get a tank battalion in support, and these are typically equipped with the Type 74 while the newer Type 90 and Type 10s are in dedicated tank units. In that 4th Recon Battalion (4th Division) unit we mentioned, it looks like the Type 16 may fill a role similar to the M1 Abrams in American Cavalry Squadrons, acting as a close combat weapons platform in support of the Type 87 Reconnaissance and Patrol Vehicle (autocannon armed).
    4. The Type 16 purportedly can accept similar add-on armor packages as the Type 10 (which is why the latter's weight can vary). We are unsure what protection that offers.

  2. China doesn't want to invade and US along with their allies doesn't want to invade.. why? Nukes. So it would probably be better for Japan to focus their billions on spies and intelligence, that would ACTUALLY be a massive headache for China rather than spending tens of billions on armament that will never be used.

  3. Will Davids says:

    Still waiting for the giant robots that shoot ion beams out of their chest. I hear they’ll have three different forms. With the last form being the hardest to defeat. You better have lightning level three spell at least 🥸.

  4. Cochulito says:

    I think countries should not rely on big countries in the army and defense industry. The self-sufficiency of countries has always been the most important factor. I'm now in favor of preventing countries from relying on America in weapons technology (and Russia, China vs.). I think countries should now be able to produce their own weapons and work with other countries. From Turkey with love 🙂

  5. a man of history says:

    Just make sure their military dosen't get too power we don't want another wave of tojoists in asia

  6. Budok Nano says:

    Because of china, south east asian countries doesn't feel too safe anymore, they are struggling and rushing to upgrade their military bcoz they can smell something bad is coming.

  7. Daetslov Act MC says:

    Good. Japan’s total disarmament after WWII was stupid, yet another WAR CRIME by “that so-called General” and it’s about time they develop their defense forces.

  8. イエスモア says:

    but Japanese law limited by court-martial since ww2 end…
    、、 in a sence , I can say that Japan has not enough Military yet

  9. Anh Trieu says:

    Let’s face it, Chinese aggression is just the cover story. The real threat is Godzilla.

  10. なめたらあかんで says:

    Japan Self-Defense Forces that are not Japanese Army

  11. The AA support is pretty anaemic. Only 2 short-ranged avenger equivalents for the entire battalion/regiment. Doesn’t account for attrition loss aswell.

    ATGM firepower equally underwhelming.

  12. escapetogeorgia says:

    They are going to be needing all this equipment, well trained and ready in the next decade, when all the shit goes to hell in Asia after the Chinese invade Taiwan.

  13. japan military and technologies is a bit mystery to me. i know they are strong but how strong are they. they havent been active in development and their budget is small. today countries like russia and china is crazy powerful. south korea is even more powerful than japan. i know if japan focus in military they would be crazy strong instead of relying on U.S for protection. U.S probably cant even protect japan as much as they wanted since china and russia can easily rival u.s. plus, the geographic location, they are surrounded and small land which can be overwhelm by bombardment all day.

  14. If they were serious about A possible ground war with China they would arm every male age 18-50 with at minimum A Rifle, Suppressor, and several magazines and ammo to fil them. NOT JUST THE MILITARY.

  15. Joe Nichols says:

    One thing is certain – if China takes Taiwan they will not stop there

  16. Joe Nichols says:

    I love how USA and America are allies. We need a NATO type of agreement between Japan, South Korea, Australia and India (if they would do it). This would be to counter Chinese and Russian aggression. The military build up on the border of Ukraine by Russia this week, along with China's aggressive territorial expansion, are both excellent reasons to do so. We the people can fight against tyranny together

  17. 米特殊作戦軍 仮 says:

    The Ground Self-Defense Force has many tank units in Hokkaido. Some tanks can only be operated in Hokkaido. There aren't many tank units in mainland Japan, but there are many wheeled tank units instead. Japan has a well-developed road network, so I chose a wheeled tank that moves faster than caterpillars. In Kyushu and Okinawa, many anti-ship missile units and the Ground Self-Defense Force's Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade (land squadron) are stationed in preparation for the Chinese People's Liberation Army's invasion of Taiwan, Okinawa, and remote islands. (From Japanese military lovers)

  18. Jason Armstrong says:

    Great video it’s good to see the JGSDF become more involved in the world and not just a self defense force. Gambate JGSDF!

  19. A dude with a flashlight says:

    It seem philippine need this kind of unit in our army with sabrah pandur 2 as a light tank

  20. Stephen Karam says:

    Hope they got backup. Wouldn't want them to be like the FBI agent in that movie who went to Alaska who got into a gun fight, and screamed at the Sherriff to call for backup, who then said, "This is Alaska, there is no backup!" ….And if backup comes, does China have mine laying submarines?

  21. प्रबल प्रताप says:

    In India a similar role is done by the Border Security Force (BSF)

  22. 10:50 It's messy on purpose: it's an old trick to mess up (pardon my tautology) with unwanted observer's perception of numbers by lining up troops & equipment in formations of varying depth and width. It was described by Maurice in Strategikon back in the VI century as a way to effectively deny enemy a way to assess your forces' strength.

  23. The Japanese is trying to lure the USA to get into a war with China and set itself free from the USA’s semi colonial control when America is weaken by the war with China. They dare not give China an excuse to eliminate it for what they did to China.

  24. Do the Japanese have plans to replace their various light wheeled vehicles with a single locally-made platform (like Komatsu LAV) outfitted for different tasks?

  25. CrouchingWombatHiddenQuoll says:

    Your economy will be released from 35 years of stagflation if you stump up an army to fight for your overlord.

  26. Joe Sillaman RS says:

    Sugoi! They need Gundam Squadrons to fill out their force as well.

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