Japanese Troops in China | Japanese Navy – WWII Historic HD Footage

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WWII Captured Enemy War film Japanese forces attacking targets in China as Japanese aircraft strafe roads, fire support by Japanese artillery, mortars and heavy machine guns, scenes of the Japanese Navy with combat naval ships underway including a Japanese Aircraft Carrier, gun turret rotating on a Battleship, Japanese submarine surfacing, supported by field artillery, cavalry and naval units, Japanese ground troops capture a village in China.

Japanese Troops In China
Japanese planes strafe targets on Chinese roads in WWII. Japanese soldiers fire field artillery, heavy machine gun, and load and fire mortar. Japanese soldiers advance on horseback with supplies on horseback. Japanese enter a village and capture Chinese prisoners. The Japanese leaves a burning village with supplies on horseback.

Japanese Navy Scenes
Japanese officers inspect personnel on a ship. Japanese flag waves in the breeze with band on foreground. Japanese ship hoists anchor, shows war ship underway. Scenes of various Japanese ships underway, including an aircraft carrier. Shows gun turret rotating on a battleship, guns firing. Scene of Japanese submarine surfacing.

Japanese Infantry Captures Chinese Village
Supported by field artillery, cavalry, and naval units, Japanese infantry take a Chinese village. Japanese looting a Chinese village. Japanese Officers and soldiers celebrate. Japanese soldiers marching across a barren hillside. Japanese soldiers in winter uniforms charging with fixed bayonets. Japanese ship bombards a Chinese village, firing artillery, Japanese soldiers follow an advancing armored vehicle into a village.
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