Japanese dive-bombers strike the USS Enterprise during World War II HD Stock Footage

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Japanese dive-bombers strike the USS Enterprise during World War II

US Navy during the Battle of Eastern Solomons in the Pacific Ocean during World War 2. Flight deck of USS Enterprise (CV-6). A Japanese bomb strikes starboard aft of 5″/38 gun gallery on the USS Enterprise and smoke rises. Two crewmen run along the flight deck toward the smoke, but abruptly move to take cover. One jumps off the flight deck to starboard and the other runs forward toward the camera. At time code 00:44, the ship shakes. At time 00:51 smoke begins to appear and a huge explosion occurs at time 00:55. Fire and smoke obscure the scene. At time 01:04, smoke clears and bomb hole emitting smoke is seen nearby in the flight deck as well as fire and smoke further aft on the deck. A near miss to port, astern, at time 01:33 causes a large wave to sweep over the flight deck. As the water flows away, fire is seen continuing to burn starboard aft of 5″/38 gun gallery as firefighters spray water on it. Camera pans to starboard, where burning fuel and objects are seen on the water. Sailor carrying a CO2 fire extinguisher moves aft past bomb hole in flight deck. At time 02:18 some crew members fighting fire, astern, begin to take cover, running across the flight deck, to port, as flames and smoke increase. Sailors lay out a large fire hose on the flight deck, to supplement one already pumping from port astern. Sailors work around a leaking fire hose connection on deck. Throughout this episode, the ship appears to be maneuvering in evasive actions. Location: Pacific Ocean. Date: August 24, 1942.

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