Japanese Air Attack on US Navy Aircraft Carrier Task Force Off Saipan Combat Action Footage WW2

World War II U.S. naval action video with sound from the Mariana Islands campaign. Battle footage as Japanese airplanes attack US Navy warships off Saipan during the Mariana Islands offensive.

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32 thoughts on “Japanese Air Attack on US Navy Aircraft Carrier Task Force Off Saipan Combat Action Footage WW2

  1. Wawan 123 says:

    Orang jaman dulu bodoh bodoh , daripada perang lebih baik tidur saja

  2. Kevin Baboolal says:

    1:09 thats uss north carolina i believe unloading her AA

  3. Anyone watching this video around the world under age 30 (including myself) better man up and find their sacks real soon. In about 10yrs, this just might be us in the Pacific Ocean or South Asian Sea. Only this time the 21st century enemy is going to have biological weapons, long range nuclear warheads & about 100 million troops too. If Hitler was crazy enough to start war with multiple nations at once, don't think for a second the psychotic CCP along with North Korea, Iran & Turkey won't eventually try it too. Ugh…………… 😩😩😰😰

  4. Kadek Sudarwika says:

    this is what actually alien see from 80 – 100 light years distance

  5. Imagine the crossfire!!

  6. Jimbo Beterson says:

    Remember, those are the tracers you are seeing, not every round.

  7. Admiral Salehudin al-ayubi says:

    I'll be proud to die for my beloved

  8. Justin Jay Ayado says:

    Flying coffins

  9. Ben David says:

    Does anyone know the date this was taken? Names of any of the ships?

  10. The Hindukush Heights says:

    How many aircrafts were used in this raid and how many were downed?

  11. Brandon Blake says:

    America's greatest generation

  12. David David says:

    God bless the souls involved in these horrors, may they rest in peace.

  13. Tanveer Mehmood says:

    Retaliation attack, in response the world first atomic bomb came Into being was the result of this attck

  14. Sonaj 6969 says:

    "Privilege", in america is not being drafted for war.

  15. Talapino Music says:

    Them Japanese pilots had balle

  16. MrOiram46 says:

    Imagine if ships now were also covered to the brim with 20mm Phalanx guns instead of having a couple or 2 pairs at most

  17. methylene5 says:

    Haven't seen this old movie (480p??) but the CGI graphics designers got a little carried away with the tracer rounds. Obviously they wouldn't have been able to shoot so many rounds unless they had the unlimited ammo cheat option enabled. But then this is Hollywood.

  18. Imperial Guardsman says:

    man, I'm starting to understand the ptsd

  19. John Eubank says:

    My father was a gunner on LCI's and I know he fought at Saipan and the first Guadalcanal battle.

  20. Motersickle Bum says:

    My dad was a radar tech on The USS Brush Destroyer in WWII. he's watch as the ships guns would blow the japanese planes out of the sky. when the war ended they docked in Japan and mingled with the japanese people.

  21. Pryanka Pikalih says:

    This is real???

    Wow, who ever this guy..

    Keep record the video in the WAR 😂

  22. 1:09 My guess is either USS North Carolina or USS Washington. I think i saw two funnels in the darkness and the AA thunder. But it Could be a South Dakota aswell.

  23. Shuaman123 says:

    Is this what hell sounds like?

  24. ottoman empire says:

    Japanese little country but big balls

  25. God salute and kowtow those who fought for their nation and died without a proper funeral.

  26. Nikolai 935Vodka says:

    As unfortunate and horrific these times were, I can’t help but look at this in awe. The technology back then was so… horrific yet beautiful. I’d really love to be able to one of these shoot at like a robot-piloted passenger airplane in the air. I wonder what would happen exactly. Just to see that would be a once in a lifetime experience.

    It’s depressing through how I can look back on this and be astonished. But this would shock certain men to their core if they heard this again.

  27. i just watched this video 5 consecutive times.
    i just like it.
    Brave and valiant Japanese.

  28. sherra ilo says:

    This actually looks better and more terrifying than most colored footage of ww2.

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