Jake Paul Reacts To Tyron Woodley's NEW Training Footage

Jake Paul Reacts To Tyron Woodley’s NEW Training Footage

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley are now the latest internet sensation as both are preparing for their big boxing match in Miami, on August 28th. Both the fighters will throw down for Showtime Boxing on a big stage, and both of them stand to make a ton of money. Woodley however seems to be taking his jump into the boxing world seriously. Tyron Woodley recently appeared in a new training video while he was preparing for his fight against the famous YouTuber and he looked concentrated and ready for the fight. Woodley and Jake still have a couple of months to sharpen their skills as well. The Problem Child’s star might shine brighter at this point, than his Maverick brother, Logan, if only because of the controversy he creates. Tyron Woodley’s training video is certainly a sign that he is well on his way to his big day. The big question now is how hard Jake Paul is training in his own gym. After all, Jake was the betting odds favorite for this fight even before it was made official.