Italian Cuisine – Lepanto first Game || World of Warships

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14 thoughts on “Italian Cuisine – Lepanto first Game || World of Warships

  1. Black_ Hawk says:

    6:10 how to not use sap on another battleship

  2. Doesn’t he know how to aim?

  3. samutommi2007 marchetti says:


  4. Obsydian Shade says:

    They Really need to work on weather effects. Storms should look like storms. How hard would be to add some actual rain, wave action, and haze out the distant background? My Skyrim game has better weather than this crap.

  5. Amos Ugavule says:

    Did I just noticed that a tier 6 dd in a high tier match🤔

  6. Eric Huang says:

    pls post a c.columbo replay

  7. Azure Blank says:

    Honestly, some critical aim and drive by are very questionable. Should be a little more patient.

  8. Trent Riley says:

    That saint Louis stole all his kills

  9. really good game, but secondary on this ship , omg i think wg add this only for visual effect.

  10. Noah Batson says:

    Why is there no gameplay of the t10?

  11. Have played 20 games with an average damage of 108k,a little bit disappointed. Which mod should I use?range or reload?

  12. Soup The Mighty says:

    Italian BBs look pretty good for secondary build, don’t they?

  13. Gourab Roy says:

    Is this ship new released

  14. Gourab Roy says:

    Hi panzerknacker.

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