Iran Iraq war (1980-1988) Combat Footage compiled

Great video compilation of the horrific war between Iran and Iraq in the 1980’s.

Featured Songs:
What Have You Done to Your Dreams — Aria
Slave of Fear — Aria

I am not the owner of this video, it was on YouTube until a few months ago. If you know who the initial owner/maker is please contact me.

22 thoughts on “Iran Iraq war (1980-1988) Combat Footage compiled

  1. safe amer says:

    My dad was a pilot. He bombed the fuck out of Iranian troops

  2. Adam SHERZAD says:

    my dad was an iraqi solider he refused to kill anybody until he was hit with a iranian grenade and he was captured by iranians and jailed for 8 years ( and now he is mentally not good because of the war effect on him )

  3. mikepodella says:

    Amateurs vs. Amateurs. Most unprofessional, poorly-trained troops I've seen outside of Africa.

  4. Lee Roquemore says:

    Like watching two little girls and a cat fight, so pathetic😄

  5. Hotel Papa says:

    Deym i though this was a russian combatfootage because of the music lol

  6. john hunter says:

    october war , vietnam war , iraq iran war not just iraq iran war you idiot

  7. Ahmed nazari says:

    Roflmao terrible fucking music. Don't shit on my region with your terrible Slavic shit music.

  8. Two of the worst shit holes countries in the world. Too bad they couldn't make the world a favour by eliminating each other.

  9. Sly Onfire says:

    ROFL! What the hell is with the music choice?! Your showing Iranians fighting for their lives with totally unrelated Russian metal band

  10. rinsedpie says:

    Here u can see, 2 backward nations fighting each other; i recalled in my childhood watching the news on TV for updates on the war between these two. We have moved on while these 2 are still using 1980s technologies in their homes. It is improtant that these 2 are allowed to fight each other,otherwise their nationals will become educated and start to come here to the west. They are currently quite weak that a small nation like Rep of Czech can easily invade them if it so wishes.

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