International Commission of Control and Supervision (ICCS) in Vietnam Footage

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Part 1:
Officers of the Interfactional Control Commission (ICCS) flew to the South Vietnamese town of Cai Lay on Saturday (30 March) to investigate the fatal mortar shelling of a primary school earlier this month.

The officers — from Hungary, Indonesia, Iran and Poland — were making their first full investigation of a ceasefire violation in five months. The investigation was requested by both the North and South Vietnamese governments, which accused each other of the mortar attack.

One hundred children were killed or wounded, and three adults injured, when a single 82 milimetre mortar shell hit the school playground on 9 March. The children–aged from five to eleven–were lining up to go into their classrooms at the time.

The shelling led South vietnamese military negotiators to boycott a scheduled meting with the Viet cong.

The ICCS officers flew by helicopter to the Mekong Delta city of My The then on to Cai Lay, 45 miles (65 kilometres) southwest of Saigon.

The fact that both North and South Vietnam requested the investigation allowed the ICCS officers to bypass compex procedural problems which have prevented them from making any serious investigations for months.

Part 2:
The bodies of the men killed last Sunday in an Internal Control Commission helicopter close to the North Vietnamese border were flown to Saigon yesterday (Monday). Members of the four nation Commission formed a guard of honour as the bodies of the nine victims were off-loaded, each draped in the national flag.

The dead included a Canadian, two Hungarians, one Indonesian, two Viet Cong liaison officers and the helicopter crew: two American civilians and a Filipino. The exact cause of the crash has not yet been officially confirmed but it is believed the helicopter was brought down by a ground to air missile while flying on an investigatory mission across Communist-held territory. Communist spokesmen have expressed regret at what they termed “a regrettable accident”.