Intense Nightvision Firefight Compilation U S Military Afghanistan Iraq Combat Footage


17 thoughts on “Intense Nightvision Firefight Compilation U S Military Afghanistan Iraq Combat Footage

  1. HypoKritical says:

    "I've seen some shit"

  2. I have heard this same audio track so many times on so many videos, it's insulting.

  3. Who’s Mans says:

    The fucking 8+ gun runs on the one target had me weak for some reason 🤣🤣

  4. Daniel Garcia says:

    Hey!, Soldiers United States of America, WhatsApp?, I am Daniel Alberto Garcia Jimenez, the beginning of the United States of America, my from is in Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico.,This war is good.Kill to Osama Bin Laden for the terrorism of the gemels towers in New York City United States of America.

  5. That indiscriminate firing from the Humvees while driving down the road is wild as fuck

  6. Bowdi Miller says:

    Its an airsoft game mixed with real aircraft footage just a heads up.

  7. Green Apple Showcase Films says:

    Great footage. Well done. May I use this and any other military footage of yours for a non profit independent thriller film I am working on for 2020? It would be a great help and I would put your name and channel in the end credits of course. Please and thank you!

  8. Jack Torrence says:

    If it is the wrong guns then what’s with the a-10 warthog and air strike?

  9. (Roger)that's fucking cool ???? Sound like something you would hear on bring your kids to work day stop talking over the video the fake airsoft part is bad enough

  10. Why is there footage of an airsoft shootout at 3:23 you can hear the electronic motors in the back round and it's the only clip with no radio chat

  11. MAD-GRE-EK THE GREEK says:

    us military aaa+

  12. MAD-GRE-EK THE GREEK says:

    breatth taking  hely hell

  13. dzontra kontra says:

    you kill the city…

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