INTENSE Afghanistan Combat Footage, IED from Inside Stryker

Aftermath of IED in Panjwai, Afghanistan. Taken in 2012. No life threatening injuries, but it was a close thing. The IED launched the truck into a wheelie, and the force of the front hitting the ground again turned on the helmet cam. It wasn’t noticed until hours later that right red light was on.

46 thoughts on “INTENSE Afghanistan Combat Footage, IED from Inside Stryker

  1. Laksamana Suhendra says:

    Ah yes, I love them Strykers.
    They're even hotter and sexier with slat armors

  2. Saeid Banaei says:

    همه کیرم تو اعتقادات تمام طالبان .پیامبر کصکشتون یاد داده بمب کنارجاده ای بزارید ؟کیر تک تک آمریکاییها تو کص ننه ی جندتون کیرم تو باورو اعتقاداتتون

  3. Reaper 7 Actual says:

    Piss poor leadership. Making the guys inside the Stryker get out and pull security. Where the fuck is the rest of the platoon? Maybe set up a CCP close to medevac site? Push out security with the rest of the platoon? Probably one of the most overlooked aspects of infantry life, piss poor leadership from the PL down to the squad leaders.


    They're lucky the afes fire extinguishing system didn't activate . That shit is horrible and will suffocate ya .


    My e.s.v. 113 took countless i.e.d. during our route clearing missions and saved our lives . We also lost men but those Strykers are a god send to us soldiers . As a combat engineer we were destined to get hit but we were prepared for it . If we didn't find the bombs they found us . FUCK ROUTE TAMPA !!

  6. Frenchify says:

    0:43 "Son of a bitch! Not again." Jesus… Think about that sentence for a minute…

  7. Reaper 430040 says:

    Im searching for my IED video from may 2nd 2012 Afghanistan, its probably not on YouTube, but i heard a rumor someone posted it. We lost 2 soldiers that day, one was nearly paralyzed, and i was in pretty bad shape. The sidrep from EOD estimated it was roughly 550lbs of UBE, but they said it could be slightly higher, they were required to put a number. I find it funny you see foreigners commenting on these types of videos talking shit, but they don't realize we are held back due to our rules of engagement, we killed about 30 people total in the first 6 months, found over 350 ieds, and captured roughly 50 using the hiide system. They are lucky we have ROE, all im saying.

  8. Sonia Khan says:

    Hi, I am contacting you from a TV Production company. We are potentially interested in using parts of this video in our TV Series. Please contact me on and if this is something you may be able to accommodate. All the best and look forward to hearing from you soon!

  9. lori suddath says:

    to see the brotherhood of our troops surpass any nations on earth!

  10. TheDudeofDudes says:

    As a side note, and not at all trying to dog on these guys: Please keep your wits about you after a strike and KEEP YOUR SPACING. We had a BSB unit take a horrible secondary strike that only disabled the original vic, but killed all of the guys responding(6). All of the guys in the hmmwv were fine, but all of their buddies didn't make it because their good intentions were mismanaged. It is imperative to establish security and respond with the least amount of aid necessary. It is counter intuitive, but it will save lives. Hindsight is 20/20, but you have to work to minimize exposure. If you find yourself without a job after a strike and you are standing around the best bet is to do your immediate 5/25 check, get to cover away from the strike, and pull security. Fuckin be safe boys.

  11. TheDudeofDudes says:

    This is why we need to get rid of POS strykers. Too many dudes packed into too lightly armored vics. They are nothing but death traps. An MRAP of any variety has a much higher survivability rate than a stryker, is much cheaper, usually has greater mobility with the same weapons platforms. They are a failed experiment. Panjway is a shit hole. Ran many missions out of there before you dudes arrived and always ended up on the good side of luck. There is nothing else in that area but the roll of the dice. An absolute shit hole in a beautiful setting.

  12. Gods For Bid says:

    Fucking Panjwai, man. Glad you guys made it out of that. I was at COP Mushan, A co 4-9.

  13. Gabriel C says:

    What area was this in? i was in Panjwai nearby Sperwan Ghar in 2012-2013

  14. Brandon English says:

    Who was the soldier in plain cloths with a flack jacket in the vehicle near the end sitting right across from you?

  15. sean baker says:

    right. so you defeated the Taliban. How come u cant decisively defeat them?

  16. sean baker says:

    US go home, you cant win, u didnt win in Korea, didnt win in Vietnam, didnt win in Iraq, not winning in Afghanistan, you aint ever winning anywhere. your hardware is just garbage no good for any victories

  17. sean baker says:

    coward bombs right, what abt american bombs and drone attacs on the families there? how cowardly are they?

  18. xbeast133 says:

    That's the thing, the fucking bastards don't care who they get as long as they get their fucking blood money.

  19. Although they aren't doing that great of a job considering they kill tons of civilians, IEDs that is.

  20. Thats the ROE on the ground which i can respect but the fact someone is bringing up the coward argument is retarded considering the amount of drone strikes and shit the US pull off, Nothing but respect for the guys on the ground though. The fact is war isn't meant to be fair or whether or not someones a coward its about winning and if they use IEDs so be it come up with something to defeat that.

  21. James White says:

    defs start a liveleak presence man that community is the shit 🙂

  22. Vova Dudu says:

    Крепкая машина!!!!!!!! Парням повезло!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. there are plenty of confirmed reports where drones kill first responders people who are innocent to it all but want to see if the people they just blew up alright, not to mention all the innocent people they kill because they might have associated with a "terrorist", They dont want a war but if your invading their country what choice do they have?

  24. CheapVidProductions says:

    I'd say if you can't deal with a force, don't wreck-in with it.

  25. CheapVidProductions says:

    If they didn't want to fight a war they would lay their arms down, and they don't give two shits about you or me. So let them choose their fate, and we only bomb areas that are confirmed with taliban, and in some cases they choose to hide with civilians, and we feel the pain of our mistakes.

  26. Perhaps they dont want to fight a war? You cant make the argument that its cowardly when if they did chose to fight you'd just bomb them with helicopters and jets.

  27. KronosProGaming says:

    So you're saying if the whole USA military were coming after you you would just go face to face? I doubt it.

  28. CheapVidProductions says:

    Considering that they not only use them for military purposes and that usually the military will set mines where the enemy will be heading towards them not past. And that they don't warn anybody about them, They've killed about 10 times as many civilians than soldiers with the IEDs. So using them in such a way to where they record what happens and run away after is cowardly, thats not war thats hit and run with never actually fighting.

  29. ii Just1fyy says:

    They should start blast proofing al us military vehicles

  30. Lucius Cornelius Macro says:

    Damn that must suck. Lots of respect for putting your lives on the line for the people of Afghanistan and for the people of the western world. I hope to do the same for all of you veterans one day.

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