Insane Close Quarters Combat in Iraq (RAW FOOTAGE! OF INTENSE GUNFIGHT!)

Watch this video of soldiers engaged in an intense gunfight in Iraq.

23 thoughts on “Insane Close Quarters Combat in Iraq (RAW FOOTAGE! OF INTENSE GUNFIGHT!)

  1. The audio is too delayed

  2. “I shot him like five times”

  3. Jason Pressler says:

    What is the point in dubbing sound over the video, also this wasnt a fire fight and if you are going to add gun shots make sure someone is actually shooting.

  4. John Fitzgerald says:

    What did they see?
    Was it a demon eating another man?

  5. Асылбек Мовлянов says:

    8 terrorists died you can see their body 4:40

  6. Saeed Torbati says:

    Watch you right… bang bang… soldier gets shot. I meant your left 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  7. I would of just dropped a frag in that little hole no need for a gunfight or peaking your melon

  8. Patthon Sirilim says:

    for those cunts who wants them to engage the enemy room to room call of duty style i say fuck you real life is not a game cqb room to room is the last thing you want to do when there other options like what these marine did by retreating and pumping in explosive muniton into that room its not a race or a show to see who more badass the goal is to make sure your guys dont die

  9. Fishman Craster says:

    Scared to death

  10. Karl Marx was Jewish says:

    Listen to the Audiobook ”War is a Racket” by Major General Smedley Butler on Youtube. An hour long, it’s an important reading for every American.

  11. just another rebel says:

    Yo that dog was playing catch with the shrapnels what the fuck 😂😂😂 respect to up these soldiers for fighting for country tho!!

  12. Layne Kieschnick says:

    Stand for our flag. These men fight for our freedom.

  13. CloseQuarterSamurai says:

    reminds me of call of duty modern warfare for some apparent reason……

  14. Greasy Flight says:

    Point has his shit together

  15. Bartock Lesbov says:

    @0:50 "awwwhhhhh tha booty twaps" 😂
    In all seriousness tho this shit is crazy.. thank you for your service !

  16. BrysonGaming64 says:

    Imagine how scary that must be. Huge respect to all of our brave men and women

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