Indo-Pacific QUAD alliance holds first in-person meeting | DW News

US President Joe Biden will host for leaders of the “Quad” nations — India, Japan and Australia — in Washington for an in-person summit on September 24, the White House announced Monday. This will be the first-ever gathering of leaders from the group of four, Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, which has been seeking to enhance cooperation to counter an increasingly assertive China. “The Biden-Harris Administration has made elevating the Quad a
priority,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said in a statement.
The meeting is expected to bring “decisive” commitments on COVID-19 vaccine diplomacy and a counter to China’s Belt and Road infrastructure initiative. The leaders “will be focused on deepening our ties and advancing practical cooperation on areas such as combating COVID-19, addressing the climate crisis, partnering on emerging technologies and cyberspace, and promoting a free and open Indo-Pacific,” Psaki said. The group held a virtual summit in March where they pledged to work closely on COVID-19 vaccines and combating climate change. They also vowed to ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific amid growing Chinese aggression in the region.


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