IJN Fuso – Guide 013 (Human Voice)

The first Japanese super-dreadnoughts, the Fuso class, are todays subjects.

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38 thoughts on “IJN Fuso – Guide 013 (Human Voice)

  1. Andrew Taylor says:

    I think it’s been pretty conclusively worked out that the “splitting in two, with both halves remaining afloat” is at best a myth. Or possibly an illusion cause by the massive lake of burning oil she left on the surface. It seems to be felt that she took torpedo hits, swerved out of line and into the darkness, shortly thereafter rolling over to starboard and suffering a magazine explosion either while overturned on the surface, or shortly after she went under. Which wiped out whatever crew had made it into the water, and hadn’t been killed by the burning oil. The more remarkable thing is it was such a pitch black night, and with 2 of the escort destroyers exploding spectacularly in the darkness from torpedo hits, neither the Yamashiro ahead of her, nor the Mogami behind her even realized she had gone. They each though the other ship was the Fuso, closed up the distance, and motored on into the Straight, never realizing that they were down a Battleship.


  3. Can't imagine this being built for RN.

  4. Claude Bedard says:

    So few survivors. Yikes!

  5. Thomas Sewell says:

    I had a tiny toy Fuso when I was a kid, maybe three inches long. Later I had a reproduction edition of the 1914 Jane's Fighting Ships, and it had a front plate of the builder's model of Fuso, not too surprising since by then I knew that Japan had been allied with Britain since 1902 and all of its early battleships had been built in Britain. And file footage of Fuso and Yamashiro shows up in just about every documentary about Japan in WWII and lots of WWII movies, and even once in an episode of McHale's Navy.

    And I see Fusos fairly often today–it's a line of trucks by Mitsubishi. They have a dealership in San Jose, not too far from where the Sharks play, about ten miles from where I live now.

  6. Mike Prettyman says:

    Ugly boats especially compared to British/German/American warships. Uhio class battleship would crush any of these. When you bring 18" guns into the picture it does change the game. Still an Ohio class man.

  7. Wankam Kwan says:

    I was just curious coz the f the treehouse bridge

  8. dxarxiux Roblox says:

    This tower is too high 😅😂

  9. Chris Dutson says:

    what are the forward facing things on the side of the hull? what were they for?

  10. West Virgina hit Yamashiro on its first Salvo and then repeatedly bashed it with 15 more salvos with hits in most with both AP and HC shells

  11. Todd Webb says:

    The Vickers 14" gun salesman got his paycheck from this class

  12. You know your torpedo defences are useless when a battleship goes down from just two topedoes.

  13. Sakkra101 says:

    Fun fact: "Yamashiro" translates as "Mountain Castle", it could also mean "White Mountain", but "White Mountain" has different Kanji, so the correct translation is the former (山城), she was named for the old Japanese province of Yamashiro

  14. GunbusterDX says:

    That mast is like what I get ordering burger toppings at 5 guys…

  15. Colin Campbell says:

    I play this ship in the war of warships free online game.. great ship with 12 guns of 14 inches in 6 turrets the only down side is, the main guns take 30 seconds to reload.. yes don't sound long? But when you got a madman in a fast cruiser or destroyer racing towards you at 30 Knots firing their 5 or 6 inch fast loading guns and torpedoes ever second matters.

  16. Shojikitsune1 says:

    4:39 Yamashiro: Do you see torpedo boats?
    Kamchatka: Told ya!

  17. Robert Saiz says:

    If the French sent their hotels to war, then the Fuso/Yamashiro should be called "When Skyscrapers Go to War".

  18. Robert Saiz says:

    According to the United States Strategic Bombing Survey, the interrogation of Commander Nishino, the CO of the accompanying destroyer Shigure and the the only surviving officer of the battle, the Yamashiro was torpedoed early in the action and Captain Ban of the Fuso engaged the US Battleships with what was left of the Southern Force. https://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/AAF/USSBS/IJO/IJO-79.html

  19. Radu Cristea says:

    Japanese version of the hms agincourt

  20. Justin Schultz says:

    Fuso… Proving that drugs, sake,and ship design… Lead to…interesting ideas…

  21. Peter Magro says:

    If you can still see the sun increase the mast more!

  22. edward cnnell says:

    Look! A Japanese warship with a skyscraper on it closing off the starboard!

    Skyscraper on it? Quick, call Godzilla!

  23. Kelly Breen says:

    Those superstructures are just ridiculous. The early version is a pretty ship, but after reconstruction they were hideous.

  24. Princeofcups Poc says:

    … and sank into the swamp.

  25. lordvonlord says:

    Those pagoda masts

  26. 園崎魅音 says:

    I love the Fuso and Ise class ships!

  27. JZ's Best Friend says:

    @Drachinifel: Ever considered doing a video on the amphibious craft of WW2 and/or the MTB's of the respective belligirent countries?

  28. ijnfleetadmiral says:

    Fuso herself was completed by 1915, but the Fuso-CLASS was not completed until 1917, when Yamashiro was commissioned.

  29. Castillo in a Speedo says:

    Your narration is excellent

  30. peterasp1968 says:

    I thought the secondaries were 5.5 inch?

  31. BisKit LMAO says:

    FUSO…..sound like "few-so" survivors

  32. Still need an explanation about the pagoda masts

  33. Gary Armstrong says:

    Hooray for the humans!

  34. CMDRFandragon says:

    THose empire state buildings on Fusos makes them look goofy.

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