HUGE Black Ops Cold War Footage & New Maps Revealed | Warzone Release Date & Collector Box Cancelled

HUGE Black Ops Cold War Footage & New Maps Revealed | Warzone Release Date & Collector Box Cancelled

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0:00 – Introduction
0:45- Collectors Edition Cancelled
2:24 – New Map Footage & Descriptions
5:57 – The True Sequel & Character Bios
7:29 – Surprising Warzone Engine Update
8:10 – Fireteam vs Warzone
9:59 – New Warzone Maps Release Dates
11:36 – Closing Statements

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35 thoughts on “HUGE Black Ops Cold War Footage & New Maps Revealed | Warzone Release Date & Collector Box Cancelled

  1. Trysten Hemmah says:

    Is the Alcatraz coming to Warzone the same one as the Alcatraz from the CoD Mobile BR?

  2. i dont get how people like news guy voice. it comes across disingenuous to me.

  3. David Weining says:

    Their was real ww2 history in world at war also not just real history in black ops

  4. Zombies, Campaign, multiplayer

  5. Drew Olejnik says:

    I still wish they would’ve gotten the original voices for woods and mason back. It would make this game 10000% better

  6. How is lazar born in 1984 when the game takes place around that time?

  7. Hillbillabeast says:

    this guy kinda sounds like sernandoe…

  8. Black Ops Cold War's mechanics and overall feel to me is very sluggish compared to Modern Warfare's. That being said, I'm curious as to how Cold War's content will work with MW's mechanics and Warzone

  9. Russell Green says:

    This game is garbage

  10. Elote Man says:

    Dkdynamite is Perseus

  11. JPwendigo says:

    Dk thank you for using timestamps.

  12. Tommybasedgod3 says:

    I would have made a chopper gunner as the collectors item. Either that or a commando

  13. Its Scorpio says:

    I JUST WANNA KNOw when NUKETOWN will be added to the game

  14. The Jurassic Corner says:

    Wait a minute, when did DK Dynamite have 32,000 subs? I remember him having like 20, 000! Dang time flies by!

  15. Quad Feed Central says:

    Is ps5 bundle with the black ops Cold War cancel?

  16. Really how different between the modern warfare engine and black ops cold war engine is? If they are both working with Raven software

  17. Gaming Frontier says:

    They need to take the time rather then rushing an unfinished game out

  18. SHEOL ICON says:

    Alcatraz might just be in the new map for warzone.

  19. TheNamesJT says:

    I originally thought Treyarch was going to use the MW engine remove everything MW and modify it for ColdWar and there would be two different versions of warzone which i'm all for. but, i'm not for smashing two different games together that play/feel different from each other.

  20. Francesco Russo says:

    The most important thing.. the fucking prestige system !!! Stop this shit seasonal leveling system in 3 days im on level max and the game become boring i hate this shit

  21. 501st. Legion 100 says:

    I hope for multiplayer we get some maps from the falklands war for fun, some Vietnam war maps, Berlin maps and the 2 factions but they will be called NATO and allegiances and for nato we get skins for Germany,UK,France,US,South Korea and more vs Russia,China,North Korea and Poland and the should really make there ground war more like from MW and get rid of the tank and put the bmp2 and the m2a2 Bradley Sense they were use at the time and it would be easier and for the apc we get a armored m113 vs a btr 70 but both only have heavy MGs
    For zombies we should get a normal mode called classic zombies like you survive for as long as you can and you start with pistol as well and there should be lots of remastered maps

  22. Wait people buy treyarch games for other modes other than zombies

  23. Degan Marvick says:

    im just praying that they do end up switching engines because treyarch warzone (fireteam) felt so much better in everyway. i cant believe they're going to make warzone have all the MW mechanics that are separate from cold war. they're too afraid to change their little money maker in any way. its sad how video games evolved. just pray for the best boys.

  24. Eric Smith says:

    That Bar Alley in Amsterdam would make a great zombies map.


    6:25 why is there a wild vonehaur in his natural habitat??? LOL

  26. Dannie ray jr says:

    Iam real excited for the future of warzone , great video nice information

  27. Angela Lombardi says:

    Great video 👌 thank you for sharing this!! Visit me soon!!! keep up the good work 👌 let's connect!

  28. THE_SAM09 says:

    I also saw Treyarch's tweet and am disappointed 🙁
    Not only would a steelbook for this game probably look amazing, but they also broke a tradition and I am sure that they will push more and more for digital copies instead of physical ones. The physical preorders don't even get the bonus confrontation pack.
    I get it, it's a 'first world problem', but it still sucks if you were still hoping for one.

  29. Scrumbungulus says:

    That Lazar guy was born in '84?

  30. Bruh I’m pissed. I was so hyped for warzone after playing dirty bomb in the beta. Cold War movement is better than MW. DONT @ ME

  31. ANGRY PATRIOT says:

    So who ever keeps reporting dks streams copyright you really have no life brah sorry u hate urself man

  32. Hero_ of_Doom115 says:

    I haven’t watched the video yet but I hit like just because I know it’s gonna be good

  33. Slow Poke says:

    Would be sweet if they had a zombies map that is the White House and you can play as Reagan

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