How Warships Are Built for the U.S. Navy

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At Huntington Ingalls Shipbuilding, 1,200 employees have been with the company for 40-plus years building warships for the U.S. Navy. They’re the company’s master shipbuilders. These valuable employees keep the shipyard running smoothly and pass their knowledge to new employees. See how they work together to create a modern Navy.


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10 thoughts on “How Warships Are Built for the U.S. Navy

  1. Michael T. says:

    If these guys are honestly this happy about working there, I would apply in a heartbeat.

  2. Noah Johnson says:

    Whoops you forgot to actually make a video about how warships are built.

  3. Jay Sheti says:

    Its beutiful to see the young and Old generation get along to create and biuld something amazing.SHIPS

  4. Jed-Henry Witkowski says:

    "He knew my grandma when she worked here" . Nice.

  5. Tiger Tiger says:

    Very interesting, how to keep all of us humans involved & relevant as tech n community changes.. interesting to see in the US esp…🤔 cause it sounds .. socialist 😂
    End of the day people are where it’s all at..

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